Chinese New Year 2020---Year of the Coronavirus

Chinese New Year 2020 is the Year of Coronavirus

Chinese New Year 2020 will be on January 25th, 2020. It is the most important festivals in China. All Chinese people around the world are celebrating this festival during the time. People are going home to get together with their family members to spend the festival time. Read more about How Chinese People celebrate the New Year. But itj's not lucky. Most people in China are facing the virus at the begining of the New Year.

My Coronavirus Chinese New Year 2020

For the coronavirus outbreak in China, especially in Wuhan City, most Chinese people were staying at home from January to March. As a commom people in Guangxi Province, I am a lucky one that don't get infected. And none of my friends or relatives were affected by this virus. I spent my festival holiday in the countryside. There are a group of villagers to stay at the front entry of the village I live. They checked the termperature of every one who came in and out. And most of Chinese people were wearing the face mask. But we can't buy any facemask in the shop. They don't provide any mask for us. We stayed at home most of the time and we don't need one. Sometimes we go out in the mountain areas and play with the kids. There are many interesting things to do outside. Although we don't get together with other friends or relatives, we have a good time with our family members. And we can buy food and other goods from the nearby markets not far away in the small town. People on the streets were wearing face mask too. One special thing is that they don't allowed to sell the live chicken or ducks like normal days. Because the governement thinks the chicks or ducks will transmit the virus too. But you can easily buy some fish or meat from the market and no one is buying too much at a time. People are not worried about their life in the countryside.