Why Visit the Li River in Guilin?

Since you’re reading an article about Li River, I am assuming you are either in Guilin or en route to Guilin. Either way, visiting Li River is a must and what better way to marvel at the beauty of the Karst Landscape of Guilin than to take a trip along the Li River in a cruise ship.

Visit Guilin

Why are you visiting Guilin? Not for the purpose of business I suppose. Most probably you are in Guilin to get away from the hectic and busy professional life and enjoy some quiet and calm time with your loved ones. And sure as heck, you won’t be able to enjoy Guilin to the fullest until you’ve taken the Li River Cruise. The Li River gives life to the whole of Guilin. The scenery changes here every season, which means you can expect to find an entirely different scenery if you visit again in a different time of the year.

The scenery can change even in the same season. Black clouds may sometimes drape the Li River, giving it an altogether a new and different look. The view even changes when you take the cruise at different times of the day. For example, during the day, you get to gaze at the Karst Mountains and the hills surrounding the city of Guilin, whereas at night, you get to view the illuminated nearby areas such as the sun and the moon pagodas, the water fountains in the surrounding rivers and a variety of lights and lamps lit in the nearby area. This is just how diverse the scenery of Li River is.

Yangshuo River Cruise

The cruise will take you through the city of Guilin all the way to Yangshuo. And in the middle of this trip, you will be able to enjoy some of the most scenic and amazing views the country of China has to offer. Along the trip, you will get to see the Elephant Hill (also known as the symbol of Guilin city), osthmanthus trees and a whole lot of caves. Some caves which deserve special consideration are the crown cave and the reed flute cave. The reed flute cave in particular is a popular tourist spot. It is a natural cave made entirely of limestone.

The insides of the cave are illuminated by different lights which makes your experience even more amazing. The crown cave is also visited for its famous stalagmites, stalactites and different lights. The overall trip can range from 4 to 5 hours depending on the path of the trip. But one thing’s for sure, you will have an amazing time onboard the cruise ship.

How to book a cruise on Li River

Now that I have convinced you about the worth of the Li River Cruise, It’s time to book a seat. But only if that was so easy. Since the Li River cruise can easily be termed as the most famous tourist attraction in Guilin, getting a seat in the cruise is fairly hard. But all hardships can be tackled with a bit and planning. You can’t march to a cruise ship on a random day and expect them to take you with them. Just expect disappointment in return when you do so.

You have to book a ticket in advance. Generally booking one or two days before your trip is ideal. Booking can be done online, on the telephone or even in person. So even if you’re in Guilin for just a single day and want to make the fullest of your trip, you can book your ticket In advance on the phone or online. And when it’s finally time for your cruise, make your way to Zhejiang Pier. This pier is made specifically for tourists from other countries so that confusion can be avoided. Just board the cruise, and enjoy the next 5 hours of your trip.

Visiting the Yulong River

Yulong river is a very beautiful river in Yangshuo. If you are traveling to Yangshuo, you must go there to have a look. There are many cruise ships on the bank of the river. Book a small ship on the Yulong river and then spend an hour on the river will let you enjoy the most beautiful scenery of the both sides of the Yulong River. It cost about 50 yuan to book a small ship for two or three people to row on it.