Why you visit Great wall of China

Why you Visit Great wall of China

facts of great wall of ChinaChina is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It is also one of the most ancient country in the world. China enjoys more than 5000 years history. There are many famous dynasties in in history of China.

The Great wall of China is dated back to more than 2000 years agao. In Qin dynasty, in order to prevent the invading of the Mogolian ethnic groups and other ethnic groups, Qin dynasty officals annouce to build the Great Wall of China. It is a very difficult job to build such a big project. Thousands of workers are needed to move the stone from the mountinous area. Many of them died in the foot of the Great Wall. There are also many famous story about the workers of Great Wall. Mengjiang Girl who cry at the foot of Great Wall because her husband was dead in the building of the Wall.

The Great wall has more than 2000 years of history. It is a simbel of China. The Great wall was not bult in one day. It was built and repared after Qin dynaties. Most sections of Great Wall of China was rebuilt and repaired in Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty. The Length of Great wall is difficult to count. But in Chinese, it is ten thousand Li. One Li is one thousand kilometers.

Today, if you want to visit Great wall of China, there are many options. You can travel to Beijing and then take a bus or taxi to the foot of Great Wall. Most popular sections are Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall , Jinshanling Great Wall. You can walk up the Great wall on foot. You can also take a cable car to go up the Wall. Mostly, tourists will take a cable car to walk up the mountain and go to Great Wall directly. If you are a mountain climing lover, you can walk up the moutain. It will take you about one hour to walk up the Wall.

On the Great Wall, you can also walk for about one hours to climb the top. There are many vendors who sell you tourists souvenirs such as Great Wall picture, Great Wall clothes, Great Wall painting. There are also many local specialties you can buy. But don't pay all the money they said to you. Just bargin and you will get a big discount.

You may feel tired after one hour's walking on the Great Wall. You can take a cable car down the mountain. It's free to take the cable car if you had bought tickets when entering the Great Wall. It's worthy to visit the famous Great Wall.