Where to stay in Guilin

Guilin is located in the North of Guangxi Province in South China. Because of it's beautiful natural scenery, Guilin is a world famous tourist destinations in China and the world. Famous attractions in Guilin are Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Park, and many other beautiful lakes and parks. For it's great development in tourism, hundreds of hotels has been built to meet the demand of the tourists. Tourists can choose from luxury five star hotels to budget youth hostel or small accomodations which is very cheap for budget tourists.  

Luxury Hotels in Guilin

Guilin hotelsThere are many five star luxury hotels in Guilin. Some of the most famous are Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel, Sheraton Hotel Guilin, Shangri La Hotel Guilin, Guilin Park Hotel, Guilin Bravo Hotel, Guilin Universal Hotel and Guilin Royal Garden Hotel. The luxury hotels are expensive in hotel rate from $100 to $200 per night. Business travelers or high level tourists will choose these hotels as their acoomadations in Guilin. Most of these hotels enjoy good location and easy for shopping and transport. Some of them are near the attractions in Guilin just by few minutes's walking. Want to book hotel? Contact us now.

Three Star Hotels in Guilin

Guilin hotelsBesides the expensive five star luxury hotels, there are many reasonable price hotels in Guilin. Some of them are including Guilin Fubo Hotel, Guilin Saikai Hotel, Guilin Jingxiu Hotel, Guilin New Century Hotel, Guilin Taizi Hotel, Guilin Jindi Hotel and Guilin Zhongshan Hotel. The prices of these hotels are ranging from $30 to $70 per night. Some of these hotels have the same environoment with luxury hotel. They are easy for shopping and transport. Want to book hotel? Contact us now.


Budget Hotels in Guilin

Guilin hotelsIf you are budget tourists, you can choose more cheap hotels too. Different from other travel destinations in China, such as Beijing and Shanghai, Guilin's hotel rate is much lower than others. Budget hotels are seen everywhere in the city. Here are some of them. Guilin Eva Inn, Hanting Express Hotel, Guilin Package Inn, Licheng Holiday Hotel, Hegong Holiday Hotel, Tongde Holiday Hotel, Haosite Hotel, Jiulong Vila are some of them. The price of these hotel range from $10 to $50. Most of these hotels are located in the streets. Some of them are very convenient for shopping and traveling.Want to book hotel? Contact us now.

Apartment and Youth Hotels in Guilin

Guilin hotelsFor even cheaper accomodations, tourist can choose some of these. Tonglai Inn, Lizhe Holiday, Wenjing Binguan, Hegong Fandian, Youths Hotel and more. These kinds of accomodations are located near the yard of living place. Price are as lower to $10. Some of these hotels are not easy to find in streets. Local people will easily find them. So if you want to hire a apartment for a long time, you can choose some of this. Just ask the local people who living in Guilin, they will tell you more about these hotels. Want to book hotel? Contact us now.