Where should you go in China

Where should you go in China

facts of great wall of ChinaChina is a big country with more than 300 cities. There are thousands of tourists attractions to visit. But most tourists coming to China will choose what they are interest. Here are some of the top cities and attractions they will visit in China. It will be helpful if you are the first time to China.

Firstly, The capital city of China is Beijing. Beijing is a must visit city in China. WIth more than one thousand years of history, Beijing is famous for its historical and cultural relics. As the captital of Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty, Beijing is rich in historical sites and relics. Famous attractions in Beijing are including Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, Hutongs, Great Wall and other modern Olimpic Sports buildings. Beijing is the cultural center of China. There you can feel the most local Chinese culture and experience the local life of Chinese. Beijing culture is a representitive of Chinese culture. Food of Beijing is also famous in the whole China. Peking Duck is one of the dish you want to taste when you are in Beijing. Hutong is a good memery of old Beijing. There you will find the history and culture of old Beijing.

The second city you want to visit is Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in China. It is also one of the most developed city in China. For it's great development, Shanghai is also very crowded city with millions of population. The fist sight you are seeing Shanghai is the high skycraper in every corner of the city. The modern flavor is seen in every corner of the city. Shanghai is famous for its western culture and lifestyle. But Shanghai has also a long hsitory which can be dated back to several hundreds of years. In Shanghai, you can visit some of the tourists attractions such as Yuyuan Garden, City Gold Temple and Nanjing Road. There are also an area of old Shanghai. You can have a visit the place to see the old Shanghai.

The third place you want to visit is Xian. Xian is one of the oldest cities in China. WIth more than two thousand years of history, Xian is famous for its historical relics. From Qin Dynasty to modern China, Xian is the captial city of many dynasties. The world famous Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses is in Xian. The city wall was also enjoys thousands of years history. The temples are seen in every location of Xian. You will see thousands of historical tools in the museums of Xian. Xian is also the center city in northwest China. Food and culture is different from Beijng and Shanghai. You will enjoy some of the life in northwest Chinese.

Above are the top three cities in China for tourism. Other places such as Chengdu, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guilin , Huangshan, Hong Kong are the top destinations in China.