Where is Guilin Located?

Where is Guilin located

Where is Guilin? Guilin is located in the northeast of Guangxi which is in the south of China. Guilin is situated in the karst mountain areas of north Guangxi. It is a famous tourist destination in China and the world. It is famous for its beautiful landscape and karst mountain river sightseeing. The famous Li River landscape is the best under the heaven. Taking a cruise ship from Guilin to Yangshuo is the most popular way to enjoy the landscape of Guilin.

When to travel to Beijing

The best time to visit Guilin is in Spring or Autumn. The best months are April and October. April and October are comfortable for traveling. The temperature is cool and the air is clean. At this time, tourists can see the river clearly and the water is clean enough to see the shadow of mountains the plants on both side of the river. Summer is very hot in Guilin from June to August. Winter is a bit cold from November to February.

What to see in Guilin

Guilin is a best place to enjoy the magic of nature. It is rich in natural resources. The Li River is the most famous attraction in Guilin. There are hundreds of places to play water and enjoy the landscape in Gulin. Top ranked attractions are the Reed Flute Cave(a Karst mountain cave), Longji Terraced Field, Yangshuo attractions and more.

What to eat in Guilin

Rice noodles are the most popular food in Guilin. It is a local brand food for most people's breakfast and lunch in Guilin. The cost for a bowl of rice noodles ranges from 5 to 10 yuan depending on the quantity. It is very cheap compared to other food. And it is delicous if you have not tried some in other places.