Where is Guangzhou Located?

Where is Guangzhou locatedGuangzhou is located in the south costal line of China. It is the capital city of Guangdong Province. As one of the biggest metropolis of China, Guangzhou is a prosperous city in the south of China. It is also the cultural, economic and political center of Guangdong province as well as the most important traffic hub in the south of China connecting Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Macau and Dongguan. Guangzhou attracts millions of people coming for work, tourism, finance opportunities and real estate.


When to travel to Guangzhou

Guangzhou is located in the south of China. The best time to visit Guangzhou is October to December in autumn. The summer is very hot in Guangzhou and the spring is humid and rainy. The best time to visit Guangzhou is Autumn. But you can see different things in different seasons of Guangzhou.

What to see in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is rich in travel resources and historical sites. Tourists can take cruise on Pearl River. The Canton Tower is a must-see attraction in Guangzhou. Yuexiu Park and White Cloud Mountain are the two natural places to have a rest at the weekends. Take your kids to the Guangzhou museum or Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall to learn some basic history of the city. The Chimelong Tourist Resorts is a good place to see wild animals from many other countries.


What to eat in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a great city for Cantonese food. You will try hundreds of delicious food in Guangzhou. The most famous dishes in Guangzhou are including White Cute Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Roasted Suckling Pig, Wonton Noodles and many kinds of seafood. People of Guangzhou would like to drink tea and eat the Dim Sum in the afternoon or morning. It will a great food trip if you are visiting Guangzhou for some days.