What do you know about Chinese Moon Festival

Facts about Chinese Moon Festival

moon festivalThe Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival or Zhongqiu Festival, is a popular lunar harvest festival celebrated by Chinese people. The celebration became popular during the early Tang Dynasty. There are lots of legends about Moon Festival, like Chang Er Flying to the Moon, Wu Gang Chopping Trees in the Moon Palace, and Rabbit Pounding Medicine, etc.

Chang Er Flying to the Moon

There are various versions about the legend of Chang Er, in the below infographic, you can learn the specific version of “How Chang Er was forced to fly to the Moon by Peng Meng”.

Wu Gang Chopping Trees in the Moon Palace

This is another legend about Mid-Autumn Festival: there is one lush tree in the Moon Palace, which is over 500 feet, and one person crops it day and night, but it will immediately spring back after every cutting down. Therefore, the tree has remained there in spite of the man's efforts to bring it down for thousands of years. It is said that the man was Wu Gang coming from Xihe of the Han Dynasty, who attained immortality and entered the Heaven through apprenticing under an immortal. However, he was relegated to the Moon Palace to do this useless labor work as a punishment for a mistake.

Zhu Yuanzhang and Mooncake

The custom of eating mooncakes on Mid-Autumn Festival started at Yuan Dynasty. At that time, the people can not bear the cruel governing of the Yuan ruling class, and they staged uprisings one after another. Under such circumstances, Zhu organized an uprising by uniting the various resisting forces. However, it was really hard to deliver messages under such strict rummage by Yuan officers and soldiers. One day, military counsellor Liu Bowen proposed to put the message with “uprising at 15th August” in mooncakes, and then the mooncakes were distributed among insurrectionary armies, informing them uprise at 15th August night. When the day came, all insurrectionary armies converged to participate in the uprising and Yuan Dynasty collapsed. Soon, Xu Da took Yuan Da Du, announcing uprising successful. Zhu was so delighted that he allowed his officers and soldiers to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with common people together, and rewarded mooncakes to everyone. From then on, the mooncakes have been made in more and more exquisite way, and the custom of eating mooncakes continues to this day.  

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