Most popular and top tour operators in China

Most popular and top travel agencies in China

Ctrip travelThe first one is Ctrip(携程).Ctrip is a comprehensive travel websites providing China hotels booking, China flights booking, China tour packages booking and more travel services in China. It also provide globel travel services and abroad travel services to Chinese people and world tourists to China. It is a large company since it's creation since 1999. You can book most hotels in Chinese cities on this site. With it's head department in Shanghai, Ctrip has more than 12 thousand employees in all China.


Elong travel siteThe second one is Elong(艺龙).Elong is a professional website for booking hotels and flights in China. You can find thousands of hotels in this website from the most luxury hotels to the cheapest budget hotels. Elong has become one of the biggest hotel booking provider in China. There are many discount hotels for sale on this website. Visiting this website if you want to book Chinese hotels. They also provide abroad hotels for Chinese who want to go abroad.


Qunar travel siteThe third one is Qunar(去哪).Qunar maybe the most popular travel website for those who want to book great discount flights and hotels. This webstie provide the lowest discount compared to other websites. They provide cheap hotels booking and great discount flights booking. If you are lucky enough, you will get the lowest price in this website.


LV Mama travel驴妈妈)very popular website for those who want to travel alone. If you don't want to travel with a travel agency in a group tour, you can visit this website. There are tons of travel tips for self drive travel in all around China. They also provide scenery spots entrance tickets booking. You can book most famous attractions entrance ticket through this site with a reasonable price. They also offer great deals in group buying.马蜂窝) is also a website provide profestional travel advices for self drive travel. If you want to find the most local travel tips and advices, this site will be a very good choice. There are millions of travel tips for most China's tourists destinations including some of the remote places not to mentioned the big cities. You can find destinations guide, attractions tips, and many more useful guide on this website.


Baidu travel sitesBaidu travel(百度旅游)is the best travel guide like wiki online. Baidu is a search engine in Chinese. You can find all the Chinese travel destinations guide here in Baidu travel. If you are a real travelers, you can also offer your guide here.


Lv pingLvping(驴评网)is a travel forums that most tourists will post their reviews and comments on a exact travel destinations and hotels and flights. It's a webstie like in English travel forums.



Daodao netDaodao(到到网)is the Chinese conversion of Since it's launch into Chinese market, Daodao make a great contribution on correcting comments and advices on China's most hotles and destinations. You will find the real advices and comments on this website. Some of the advices are useful when traveling to some place that you are not familiar with. They don't provide direct hotels booking services, but their comments on hotels are valuable for you to book a good hotel in your destinations.


You DuoduoYoudodo(游多多) is a travel products supermarket that sells train tickets, hotels, insurance, car renting other travel services. There are many comments of travel destinations on this website. You can also find your travel buddy through this website.