Most popular hot springs in China

Most popular hot spring resorts in China

top ten hot springs in ChinaThe first one is Jinshan Hot Spring Resort. It is located in Guangdong province in south China. It is known as the second hot spring in China. It is famous for its good water quality which includes 45 trace elements doing good for human body and its appropriate temperature. With a big hydraulic discharge the resort has different size 22 hot spring pools with an area of 8,000-square-metre. There are many people going to the resort to enjoy the interest of hot springs. Guangdong is a developed provincies with perfect transportation. Tourists can go there by many ways including flight, train, and car.


top ten hot springs in ChinaJiuhua Spa hot spring Resort is located in Changping District of Beijing. It was originally the royal garden especially for emperors. The resort is a five-star hotel built with a style of classical court garden. Each of room in this hotel has access to enjoy hot spring.



top ten hot springs in ChinaZhongshan Hot Spring Resort in Guangdong province, built near mountains, has a total area of 30,000-square-meter outdoor SPA. Different function and different size of hot springs are naturally scattered on the mountains from the top to the bottom.



top ten hot springs in ChinaCrown Seaside SPA Hotel in Hainan province is a five-star vocation resort with the biggest hot spring hydrotherapy centre, at which senior experts on hydrotherapy will offer varied services to help customers recover healthiness both mentally and physically.



top ten hot springs in ChinaHailuogou Hot Spring in Sichuan province is known for its beautiful natural scenery. It is strange that the average temperature is below 10℃.but its hot spring has the temperature of 92℃.It is a special experience that one can enjoy the snow falling down from the sky while bathing on the hot spring pool.



top ten hot springs in ChinaTianyi Hot Spring Resort at Emei Mountain of Sichuan province has a Hot Spring Green Island, built in a forest, besides its other functions of offering accommodation, dining, conference, and entertainment.



top ten hot springs in ChinaJinping Mengla Hot Spring in the southern of Yunnan province is famous for its appropriate temperature and its coarse ground, which has the function of massage while lying on them.



top ten hot springs in ChinaTibet Dezong Hot Spring Resort has a distance of 140 kilometers from Lasha, located in a valley. Dezong hot spring is famous for its bubble hot spring. And it is divided into two pools; one is for male, the other for female.




top ten hot springs in ChinaTebet Paillong Hot Spring, near Pailong village, is noted for its natural formation. One can enjoy the hot spring flow through his/her body when the water pours from the mouth of spring.


top ten hot springs in ChinaZhongshan Hot Spring Hotel in Guangdong province, invested by Mr. Huo Yingdong and other famous people from Hong Kong and Macao, is known as the most famous hot spring resort among SPA destination, having more than 30 kinds of hot springs.