10 Most Famous Mountains that you must climb in Guilin

Guilin is one of the most popular travel destinations in China and the world. It is famous for its beautiful landscape and nature resources. There are thousands of mountains and hills in Guilin. The most famous karst hills are located in Guilin. Many of the mountains can be climbed to the top with the stone stairs of the mountain resorts. Here we are going to introduce the top 10 mountains that you must climb if you are visiting Guilin.

#One: Yaoshan Mountain

Yaoshan Mountain is located in the northeast of Guilin city. It's about 10 kilometer from the downtown Guilin. The main peak of Yaoshan is 909.3 meters high and it is also the highest mountain in Guilin area. Yaoshan is also callled Bull Mountain as its shape seems like a bull. There are slideway and cable car from the bottom of the mountain to the peak of the mountain. Tourists can also climb to the top of the mountain. Tourists can have an bird view of Guilin's beautiful landscape on the top of the mountain.

#Two: Cat Mountain

The Cat mountain is also called Maoer Mountain in China. It is located in Xingan County, Guilin. It takes about two hours drive from the downtown areas of Guilin. It covers about 481 square kilometers and has an altitude at the summit of 2141.5 meters. It is the highest mountain in the south of China. As the origin of Li River, Cat Mountain is protected by the local governments.

#Three: Fubo Mountain

Fubo Hill is located in downtown Guilin. It is standing on the bank of Li River in Guilin Qixing District. There are a lot of ancient inscription tablets and Buddhist statues in the caves of Fubo Hill. Many local people go to climb the Fubo Hill at the weekend.

#Four: Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill is located in the Elephant Trunk Park in Guilin Downtown. Shape of the hill looks like a trunk of elephant. It is the symbol of Guilin. The park is a popular resorts for the first time visitors from China and abroad.

#Five: Solitaire Peak Mountain

Next on the route is Jade Maiden Peak. Legend has it that a jade maiden was once seen riding a white horse among the mountains, hence the name. The hikers can choose to take a left to Sunrise Peak, a fine place to enjoy the view of the sunrise in early morning (which would involve climbing the mountain in the dark as there is nowhere to stay on the mountain).

#Six: Chuangshan Mountain

Chuangshan Mountain is located in Chuanshan Park in downtwon Guilin. There is a big pierced cave in its main peak. It was said that the cave was the home of a famous general in China. There are more than 30 caves in the hills and you can easily climb to the top by the stone stairs. It will take you an hour to climb up the hill top.

#Seven: Yangshuo Moon Mountain

Yangshuo Moon Hill is located in the Gaotian Village in Yangshuo county. Yangshuo is the must-see place for tourists coming to Guilin. The moon hill looks like a full moon in its middle, which gets the name from moon. Tourists can climb to the top of moon hills by the steps stairs in the park. It will takes you about 40 minutes to climb up the hill.

#Eight: Old Man Hill

Old man hill is a very famous hill in Guilin. It is located on the bank of Guihu Lake in northwest of downtown Guilin. The scenery from the Old Man Hill can be vast and gorgeous. The hill looks like an old man waving his hand to the landscape of Guilin.

#Nine: Xianggong Shan Mountain

Xianggong is lord in Chinese. The Xianggong Shan Hill is the most popular photography mountains in Guilin. There are many photographers to take landscape of Gulin picture on this mountain. If you are going to climb to the top to see the sunrise, then you can see many photographers there.

#Ten: Folded Brocade Hill

Diecai Mountain is also called the Folded Brocade Hill in Guilin. It is located in the Decai Park. There are several pavilions on the top of the hill. It is a birdview of the Guilin's landscape and city from the top of the hill. Many photographers climb to the top to take photos in good weather day.