Top 10 Things and Facts about Guilin, China

Guilin is one of the most beautiful cities in China. It is famous for its karst landscape and beautifful river and lakes. There are hundreds of green karst mountains sitting around the city. If you are a rock climbing lover, then you will love this wonderful city. There are hundreds of options for your weekend escape including water fun in Li River, having picnic along the river bank, biking along the countryside in Yangshuo. You can also drive for one or two hours to Longji Terraced Field to watch people working on their rice field. There are many beautiful lakes around the city. People can fish at some lake all day long. If you are hungry, then just stop to rest in a small rice noodle shop to eat a bowl of rice noodles. It is so delicious that you can't forget it for a long time.

Guilin is also one of the most popular travel destinations in China and around the world. Thousands of tourists are attracted by its green mountains, clear Li River water and beautiful lakes. Seven Star Park, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Two River and Four Lakes and Seven Star Cave are some of the best known attractions in Guilin. This site is all about Guilin and the local life and culture.

City Quick Facts

Where is Guilin?: Guilin is located in the South of China, in the Northeast of Guangxi Autonomous Region.

Districts of Guilin: Xiufeng, Xianshan, Diecai, Qixing, Yanshan, Lingui

Guilin City Area: 10737 Squre Meter

Guilin City Postal Code: 541***

Guilin Airport and Code: Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, KWL

Guilin City Population: Alomost 1 Million

County of Guilin: Yangshuo, Lingchuan, Xiang'an, Quanzhou, Yongfu, Ziyuan, Guangyang, Pingle, Gongcheng, Longsheng, Lipu

Best time for Travel: March to May, September to November

Top 10 Attractions in Guilin: Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Park, Longji Terraced Field, Yangshuo Yulong River, Two River and Four Lakes

Top Guilin Food: Rice Noodles, Beer Fish, Guilin Oil Tea

Top Guilin Hotels: Lijiang Waterfall Hotel, Sheraton Guilin Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Guilin Park Hotel

Top Traffic in City: Bus, Cars, Electric bike, Bike, Motor Bike

Top Things to do in Guilin: Cruise on Li River, Climb Mountains, Rock Climbing, Caves Exploration, Kayaking, Biking in Yangshuo Countryside, Fishing in Li River, Eating Rice Noodles.

Top Universities in Guilin: Guangxi Normal University, Guilin Technology University, Guilin Tourism University

Top Famous River: Li River, Yulong River, Zijiang River

Top Famous Mountains: Yaoshan Mountain, Seven Star Mountain, Chuanshan Mountain, Xishan Mountain, Xiangongshan Mountain

Top Streets or Shopping Places in Guilin: Zhengyang Street, Wanda Plaza, Yihuatang Plaza, Wuyue Plaza

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