Top 10 Food to Eat in Guilin

Beside Guilin being the famous tourist attraction, food in Guilin is quite special and delicious. At Li River, fish is the most preferred diet by many people. Also the rice noodle is also famous in this city of Guilin. When you visit Guilin, do not leave the city without sampling some of the delicious food found there. The places where to find these Guilin rice noodle are such as shanghai and Hong Kong. Many visitors at Guilin must eat this noodle rice. The rice is made from rice flower and oil. The rice in cooked in broth then served in bowl with soup of pork, beef, pepper, garlic and peanuts.

#One: Yangshuo Beer Fish: This rice is very cheap and it is staple food of these Guilin people. Many of the restaurants which sell these rice noodles; they are always full of people during meal times. Another famous food in Guilin is the Yangzhou beer fish. This food is made from fresh Li River fish. It is fried along with beer, pepper, garlic, onions, tomatoes, soy, sugar and celery. It is unforgettable experience when you eat Yangzhou’s beer fish. This is because it is delicious and the fish meat is tender and fresh. Lipu looped meat is also a famous food in Guilin.

#Two: Guilin Rice Noodles: It is a traditional dish and served in a traditional way. This type of food is found during some festivals and events. It is made from Taro and it is combined with red pepper, pork, garlic, fermented bean curd, wine, honey and many others. The pork and taro are first dip fried into vegetable oil. The dish is very delicious and it is golden in color. All these Guilin food has health benefits and you can enjoy them to improve your health status. When you visit Guilin, do not miss out to taste some of these foods. Additionally, the homemade dishes such as fried beef with the bamboo shoot & steamed and minced pork with chestnut are worth tasting.

#Three: Local Snacks: The rice noodles that are either flat or round, are most famous local snacks you can find. Thing that sets a dish apart from other is soup that is made from Lo Han Kuo, pork, steak, and different seasonings. That depends on ingredients that are used in soup, the rice noodles are divided in vegetable, 3 fresh and original soup, sour and spicy, beef as well as horse meat noodles. Horse meat noodles of the Huixian Lou are very popular.

#Four: Glutinous Dumplings: Among more famous of the local snacks are the Guilin rice noodles (or mifen), chestnut glutinous dumplings, nun noodles, stewed duck with the gingko, stewed duck with the ginger and lotus-leaf duck. Some specialties of this region are been described below.

#Five: Stewed Duck: The stewed duck and gingko is the traditional dish and remedy for the lung problems. The gingko, duck meat cubes, ham slices or other ingredients are well steamed in the braising cups. Result is light and savory soup where tender duck meat will contrast pleasantly with smooth and slimy texture of gingko.

#Six: River Snails: Although most westerners won't eat this kind of food, river snails are the most popular food in the southern China, such as Guangdong, Guangxi. People in Guangzhou will eat river snail during the moon festival. They belived that the snails will make their eyes bright and clear. In Guangxi, many people like to eat the river snails with hot pepper in it or cooked with beer fish. Sometimes you will find a river snails with chicken meat or duck. They are the famous meals in Guangxi, especially in Guilin. If you are going to Guilin, then you will find many dishes are made with the river snails and fish.

#Seven: Eating Lotus Roots: In history of China, lotus is seemed a kind and clean flower. Most people who were good at art in ancient time will love the lotus flower. So the lotus roots are the most popular food in Autumn. people use the lotus roots to cook with bones of pigs or lamb meat to make the soup delicious. The lotus roots is regared as healthy to the body and they bring clean energy to their body.