Top 10 Things to do in Yangshuo

The travel Yangshuo guide provides all the required information every tourist needs to use when going around the area. The guide shows you the route to the famous tourist attractions and places to buy treasures for sweet memories of this city. The artwork and Karst Mountain are the most people attractions. In Yangshuo, you will be able to experience all the activities available there. This region of Yangshuo is the home of many ethnic groups. Following Yangshou travel guide, there are also many activities like hiking and swimming that one can do there.

#One: Swimming in the Li River: In Yangshuo guide, you will be able to pass the Li River which is a famous river. The Yangshuo city is surrounded by this Li River. To get to this Yangshuo, you will have to use either a bus or a boat. Many tourists prefer this city because there are many exiting things to see and to do. Some of the things that you can do are such as; fishing, swimming in shallow water and many more. You will be able to see villagers drying their produce as well ass buffalos taking the midday bathing. The Karst Mountain is also attractive place to be. Climbing of this mountain is very easy and it takes only 30 minutes.

#Two: Visiting the caves of Yangshuo: The caves in Guilin parks are also more attractive. At summertime it is very enjoyable while being in caves. In these caves there is cool atmosphere that cool down your body while hiking. While following Yangshuo guide, you will be able to see places where you can get delicious foods. These foods are such as noodle rice, Lipu taro looped meat, Yangshuo beer fish and many more Guilin delicious foods. All these foods are very famous and everyone who gets to visit Yangshuo tastes these foods. Visit Yangshuo and experience the enjoyment found there.

#Three: Kayaking on the Yulong River: Kayaking is the relaxing option and paddle yourself down to Li River. Or, for the longer tour, paddle all a way to Puyi. The lifejackets are given, all along with the transportation to and from the Yangshuo. The groups of six and more people might travel with the guide without any extra charge.

#Four: Bamboo Rafting on Li River: The bamboo rafting is the most famous activities of Yangshuo. Just lean back & relax in the comfortable chair at the bamboo raft and floating slowly down peaceful & clean waters at Yulong River. They will arrange the trip down to beautiful part of this river and where you can see the farmers working in the picturesque rice paddies, cows and water buffaloes, and reflection of mountains in this clear water. The life jackets are given.

#Five: Cycling in the countryside: Cycling is the convenient, fun as well as healthy way of exploring Yangshuo as well as see these sights. There’re a lot of good quality of bikes for rent, which includes women's bikes, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, and small kids’ bikes. Price ranges from 10RMB to 30RMB for a day. Suppose you wish, then helmets are given for the small group.

#Six: Fishing on the Li River Bank: If you are a fishing man, then you can have a good day in Yangshuo. There are so many rivers and lakes in Yangshuo that you can fish. Most of the fishing in Guilin Li river cost you nothing. If you are lucky enough, then you can get some bigger fish in the river, but most of the times, they are small fish. But fishing in Yangshuo can make you happy not just because the fishing but also the picturesque landscape of Yangshuo. So if you have lots of time, why not fishing in Yangshuo and the Li River.