Top 10 Sightseeing Attractions in Yichang

Yichang is one of the biggest cities in Hubei province and has many tourist attractions which are worth a visit. The Three Gorges dam is the most famous and best known attractions in the region, there are of course many other things that you can see and do when visiting.

#One: Three Gorges Dam:The Three Gorges Dam is the most famous attraction in Yichang. This is the largest hydroelectric dam on the planet and generates lots of green electricity which is used by many cities in China. Not only is this a functional dam, but it is also a very important tourist attraction. People visit from all over the world to see the massive dam. If you are lucky enough to visit the Three Gorges dam on a clear day then you will be able to see for miles. The Three Gorges Dam is very impressive and well worth a visit. Another great way of seeing the Three gorges is by boat. A Yangtze river cruise is a lot of fun.

#Two: Yangtze River CruiseWhen traveling to Yichang, you will find that there are lots of Yangtze river cruises that you might like to go on. These are typically 2 to 4 days long and allow you to explore a wide area of the Yangtze River.

#Three: Sanxia ResortsThe Sanxia Resort is a beautiful, tranquil traditional Chinese style park. It’s a great place to visit to relax, unwind and relieve yourself from the stresses of modern life. The air is very fresh and clean. There are also plenty of walks and hills to climb. There are also water sports which can be done on the lakes in the park.

#Four: The Three Visitors Cave The Three Visitors Cave is a bit of the beaten track. The signs and information is still translated into English, but there are few commercial sellers here. There are several caves to explore in this park. You will need to spend a couple of hours here to see all the caves and statues.

#Five: The Shennong Stream Shennong Stream feeds the Yangtze river. This is a unique opportunity to visit an unspoiled and natural stream. Traditional Chinese boats take you down the 2 mile length of the river so you can explore the unique landscape.

#Six: Chinese Sturgeon Museum There were once thousands of Chinese sturgeons in the Yangtze river. Now there are thought to be only a few hundred left in the wild. They are an important animal to China because they are prehistoric. They have been on the planet since the dinosaurs ruled the earth. This is an interesting museum to visit as you will be able to learn more about this unique animal and why it is so important.

#Seven:Home of Wang Zhaojun There are also a large number of different attractions near to Yichang. These provide different experiences for anyone visiting. One of the best nearby attractions is the former home of Wang Zhaojun. Wang Zhaojun was one of the four beauties of ancient China. Her home is located in a very beautiful traditional village. The buildings are preserved beautifully, with stunning gardens and lots of statues. It also only costs 30RMB to enter, which is a bargain.