Top 10 Secrets for Chinese Rural Farmers to Live Longer Than Others

In some ancient Chinese books about how to keep a healthy life, ancient educators or great doctors give us many useful ways to keep fit or live longer. The farmers of the rural areas are living longer and healthier than the cities. According to the data of local government, in Bama County of Guangxi, there are more than 81 old people whose age is more than 100 years old. The oldest man in Bama is 116 years old now. So what are the secrets for these old people for living much longer than other people in cities or other places. Here are some of the 10 reasons that they can live much longer than people in cities. It is also the traditional Chinese living style make them live healthier and longer.

#One: Eating the right food at the right time: Most Chinese farmers in rural areas grow their food and vegetables by themselves. They don't buy food or vegetables from the markets. They grow all kinds of their daily food with their own hand without any other chemical fertilizer. They grow their vegetables or rice at the right time and eat the food at the right time. They don't grow the off-seasons food and don't eat the anti-seasons food. They don't grow the transgenic food or eat them.

#Two: eating vegetbale every day or every meal: In Guangxi's rural areas, most farmers grow vegetables on their field. They pick the fresh vegetables on their field everyday and working on the field in the morning or afternoon. They water the vegetable with organic fertilizer, such as the animal waste which is collected to make fertilizer in a period of time. They don't use any chemical fertilizer or Acetochlor.

#Three: They live a regular life: Most farmers in the cuntryside don't have the lifestle of the city. They get up very early to work in the field and sleep at an early time, which is not more than 10 o'clcok in the night. Most people in the village don't play all kinds of games during the midnight. They go out to chat with the neighbours after they have dinner.

#Four: They are not worry about the future: They don't care too much about the future life. They just live in the time of today. Working in the field with their animals such as buffaloes or cows, dogs are very happy. In the Spring they will go to the field to grow rice, then in the autumn they know it's the harvest time. They are not worried about what they are going to lose or gain. Everything is just simple and easy going. The life is so peace and quiet.

#Five: Feeding Animals make them happy and busy: Most farmers in the rural areas of China are feeding a group of ducks, chickens, or a buffalo, a dog or a cat. In the rural areas of Guangxi, you will see their is a small house for keeping a group of chickens or ducks near their house. Feeding them can be a very relaxed life and keep you all busy the day. And the chicken and ducks can be a good meat suppy for the whole family.

#Six: Living a simple life: The farmers in the small villages can live a very simple life. They don't have many ways to entertain themselves. They don't go to bars or cinemas. And they don't have too much need in finance. They seldom buy things from markets. Living a simple life can make them even healthier and happier.

#Seven: Love the nature: Nature is the best thing for most people who live in countryside. It is not a easy thing to live close to nature for people live in the city. But it is quite easy for farmers to live with the nature. Their working places is a good nature to enjoy the light, the shadow and the natural river flowing.

#Eight: Harmonious Relationship with Nearby People: Most people in the village have the same ancestors or family groups. They are living close and being harmonious with each other. Sometimes they have some quarrals, but it is not long for them to go through. When there is a traditonal festival, they will eat or dink together.

#Nine: A quiet life: If you are visiting the rural vilalges, then you will expereince the quiet life and the sound are from nature such as dog barking or birds singing. There are no noisy machines or traffic in the village. People can live a calm life and quiet life for their most time in village.

#Ten: A clean environment: There are no cars or heavy traffic like city in the village. The air is fresh and the water is clean. Everything in the village can be quiet at some time. They don't always moving like a city. It is good to know that quiet animals can keep a longer life.