Top 10 Longest Rivers in Guangxi

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is located in the south of China. It is the biggest Zhuang ethnic group province. There are hundreds of rivers and beautiful lakes in Guangxi. The most famous river in Guangxi is Li River in Guilin. It is also the world-famous river in the world. The landscape of Li River is the best under the heaven. Beside Li River, there are many other beautiful and long rivers in Guangxi. Here are the top 10 Rivers in Guangxi that running through the top cities of Guangxi.

#One: Li River:(in Guilin) Li River is the most famous river in Guangxi. It's beautiful landscape attracts thousands of tourists from China and the worldwide. Li River is about 437 kilometers long which origins from Yuechengling Mountains and Maoer Mountains. The river is used as a famous tourist resources in Guilin which is the world-famous tourist city in China. The picturesque of Li River landscape is a must-visit attraction for your trip to Guilin.

#Two: Yujiang River:(in Guiping) Yujiang River is runnning through Guiping city. Yujiang River is the longest river in Guangxi. It is about 1,179 kilometers long. It originated from Yunnan and ends in Guiping. It is a very important water way for Guiping's transportation in ancient times.

#Three: Liujiang River:(in Liuzhou) Liujiang River is flowing in Liuzhou city. It is about 773 kilometers long. Liujiang is coming from Dushan county of Guizhou province and ends in Laibin city of Guangxi. Liujiang is a beautiful rivers that plays an important role in the tourism and economic developments of Liuzhou.

#Four: Youjiang River:(in Baise) Youjiang River is flowing in Baise. Baise is a mountainous areas of Guangxi. Youjiang River is about 707 kilometers long. It is originated from Baise and ends in Nanning city. Youjiang River is a very important river for Baise's water resources and water way transportation.

#Five: Hongshuihe River: (in Dahua)Hongshuihe River is flowing through Dahua county of Hechi city. It is about 659 kilometers long and starting from Yunnan and ends in Laibin. Hongshuihe River plays an important in Dahua county's hydropower and economic developments. Dahua county is famous for its beautiful Hongshuihe River landscape.

#Six: Zuojiang River:(in Fushui) Zuojiang River is flowing through Fushui county of Chongzuo city. Zuojiang River is about 539 kilometers long. It is originated from Kulong Mountain of the border of Vietname and China. It is also a famous river landscape attraction in Fushui county.

#Seven: Guijiang River:(in Wuzhou) Guijiang River is flowing in Wuzhou. It is about 426 kilometers long. It is starting from Maoer Mountain of Xingan in Guilin and ending in Wuzhgou. Guijiang River is an important water way in Wuzhou. You can see hundreds of ships coming and going on the river in Wuzhou in the past. But waterway lost its importance for the new ways of transportation nowadays.

#Eight: Hejiang River:(in Hezhou) Hejiang River is running through Hezhou city. It is about 352 kilometers long. Hejiang River is starting from Fuchuan county of Hezhou and ending in Fengkai county of Guangdong province. Hejiang is also the beautiful landscape of Hezhou and Fengkai.

#Nine: Yongjiang River:(in Nanning) Yongjiang River is the most importatn river in Nanning city. Nanning is the capital city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is about 150 kilometers long. Many tall buildings and houses are built along the Yong River in Nanning. Yong Jiang river is a great water resource for Nanning people.

#Ten: Xunjiang River (in Guiping): Xijiang is flowing through Guiping and Wuzhou. It is about 199 kilometers long. Xunjiang is the important river in the south of Guangxi. Xunjiang River plays an important role in the local economic developments and water transportation as well as hydropower.