Top 10 Reasons to Visit China

As we all know, China is a very big country with more than 5,000 years of history. China is also one of the most popular travel destinations all over the world. Millions of tourists travel to China for its beautiful landscape and fascinating culture. Chinese food are so delicious that most visitors can't forget the taste. There are many reasons for traveling to China. Here are the top 10 reasons that you should come to China for some time.

#One: China's long history: The first reason is also the most important one. China is one of the great countries that has the history for more than 5,000 years. From the first dynasty of Qin, China went through more than 2000 years of imperial dynasty country. It is a whole country and the culture is so special that you have to pay a visit and learn something about it. Many historical sites in China are well preserved, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors in Xian, Han Dynasty Tombs Museum and so on. You will learn a lot if you are traveling to China.

#Two: China's rich culture: Chinese people forms a very firm culture and habit for more than 5,000 years. So you will see the most people today are still using some special old way to make their good and house. Chinese culture an be reflected by Chinese Kungfu, Chinese music, Chinese language and Chinese fesitivals. If you are traveling to China during the Chinese New Year, then you can experience the most traditional festival celebrations. People so special things on the new year day, such as sweeping the whole house, eating dumplings, giving Hongbao(lucky money) or wearing new clothes.

#Three: China's rich natural wonders: China is not only rich in history and culture, but also rich in natural wonders. With more than 9.6 million square kilometers' area, China is rich in natural wonders.The world famous Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, yellow Mountain, Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Gou scenic spots, Yangtze River and Hukou Waterfall are the top natural attractions in the world.

#Four: Chinese delicious food: Chinese food are famous all over the world. If you want to taste the best Chinese food, then you must travel to China. There are thousands kinds of food in every province or every city in China. You have to spend more than a year to try the food of a province. Chinese food can be different from the north to the south and the east to the west. Some of the best ones are Beijing roast duck, Kungbao Chicken, Sichuan hot pot, Chinese tufu. So come to China if you are a foodie.

#Five: Chinese festival are interesting: There are more than one hundred festivals in different minorities in China. The festivals are very interesing. The most famous festivals in CHina are the Spring Festival(Chinese New Year), Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese Moon Festival. There are many other minority festival in different places of China. Taking part in these festivals will make you happy and learning a lot.

#Six: China's fast development: China is the fastest developing country which produce the most products in the world. As one of the biggest country in population in the world, China's development can be seen everywhere. China's tall buildings can be seen in every city. There are more than 600 cities in China which are developing and chaning everyday. The high tech company and products are opening their branch in different country of the world. The streets of every city are very wide and clean. The cities and countryside are becoming more and more beautiful. Chinese people are living more and more safe and happily.

#Six: Chinese people are friendly: Chinese people are very friendly and easy to help. If you are traveling to China, you may have some troubles to take a bus or getting around, just ask the Chinese people around you and they are easy to help you. Most of them can't speak English well, so try to learn some simple Chinese if you want to ask your way or some help.

#Seven: China's safty: China is one of the most safe countries in the world. The crime rate is very low and you don't need to be afraid to go out in the midnight. Chinese policemen are friendly and easy to help. If you are meeting some dangerous situations, then you can call 110 to get help. Because the street are very busy in China, so be careful if you want to cross the road.

#Eight: China's traffic is very convenient: China has the longest high way and railway in the world. China's trains are the fastest in the world. The normal train will go more than 200 kilometers an hour. The high bullet trains will go more than 300 kilometers per hour. All the provinces and capital cities are connected with high way or railway lines. It is very convenient to take a bus or a bullet train from one city to another. Chinese airports are also the biggest and modernest ones in the world. Tourists can easily book a flight tickets from a city to the other.

#Nine: Chinese currency is very stable: Chinese currency, Yuan is very stable in the past 50 years. And the travel cost is reasonable and valuable. The interest rate is good for most tourists from all over the world. Living cost in China is reasonable in small cities in China. You don't need to spend too much in a 10 days trip to China. If you are going to live in a small city of China, then you can spend less than 10 dollars to cover a whole day.

#Ten: Chinese online payment is convenient: In China, you don't have to take your wallet or currency to go shopping. Most people in China are useing Wechat payment or Zhifubao payment in their mobile phone. It is so convenient that you don't have to take your bag except for your phone. You can buy everything you like with your phone including a big house. You can also book your food by your phone in KFC or Mcdonald restaurants. Can you imagine the life without paper money. It is a real fact in China now.