Top 10 Places to see along the Yangtze

The Yangtze River cruise ships are some of the most famous in the world not because of their excellent services and facilities. They are one of the most famous cruise ships because the route on which they sail is one of the most scenic routes of the world. The Yangtze River has always been hailed as a beautiful river. And to add to its beauty, the Chinese department responsible for tourism has added a number of tourist attractions on the path of the cruise ships. So, if you plan on sailing in a Yangtze River cruise ship this summer, be sure to visit these places. Your Yangtze experience will remain incomplete until you visit these places.

#One:The three Gorges Dam: This is the main highlight of the entire trip. This thing is so big that you won’t miss it even if you’re looking in an entirely opposite direction. The three gorges dam is the biggest dam of the world. Producing an astounding 22,000 MW of energy, this mega structure is a beauty to look at. The dam took 16 years to complete and has changed the lives of people living along the Yangtze River forever. You will get a chance to go to the viewing platform. From there you can view the entire dam and the nearby surroundings. The view from that platform is something you won’t forget easily.See why the three Groges Dam Was built in China.

#Two: The Shibaozhai Pagoda:The Shibaozhai Pagoda: located at the top of the shibaozhai hill, the pagoda stands at 12 stories high along the Yangtze River. You’ll find interesting artifacts on every floor of the tower. The staircase inside the tower is steep. So, climbing the tower may become hard. But you can still go to the top by climbing an adjacent route that is separate from the pagoda.

#Three:The ghost city of Fengdu: A popular tourist attraction since decades, this city depicts Chinese version of hell. A temple was erected in the city during the Tang Dynasty. Many demonic images and torture devices have been put in the temple to communicate the facts about afterlife. According to the Chinese version, a person must pass three tests before he can enter the nether world. The first test is to cross the nothing-to-be-done Bridge. The second test is to pass the Ghost Torturing pass. And the third test is placed in the Tianzi Palace. If a person fails the test at any of these places, then he is sent to Hell. If he passes, then he can proceed to the netherworld. Tourists from all over the world come here to look at some of the greatest works of Chinese craftsmen.

#Four:The Wu Gorge: Also known as the great gorge, the Wu gorge is the second of the 3 famous gorges of China. This particular gorge is the most famous and most notable among the three. It is also the most scenic gorge among them. There are a total of twelve peaks in the Wu gorge, 6 on each side. Interesting and curious legends are associated with each peak. The tallest and the most notable among them is the Goddess peak, as it is the first peak to welcome the warm light of the sun and the last one to bid goodbye.

#Five: The Shennong stream: The Shennong stream: Located between the first and the second gorge, the Shennong stream has been inhabited since the Han dynasty. Mysterious coffins are seen hanging on high cliffs. The overall view is amazing and mesmerizing and the limestone cliffs in particular are a beauty.