The Most Beautiful Women in History of China

If you are living in China, you may have heard that there were great four beauties in history of China. They live in different dynasties of China history. Their contribution for the civilization of Chinese culture and female reputation. In ancient China, female has little social importance in the imperial society. But the Four Great Beauties did a great job in their lifetime which is welknown by the Chinese people. The Four Great Beauties are Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diaochan and Yang Guifei.

#One: Xi Shi:Xi Shi was living in Spring and Autumn Period, which is 7th to 6th century BC. Here hometown is in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province. Zhuji is the capital city of Yue Kingdom. Goujian(勾践) is the emperor of the Kingdom. In order to fight against his rival(Fuchai, who is the King of Wu kingdoms), Goujian sent Xi Shi to his rival as a gift. It is said that ffter Goujian defeated Fuchai, Xi Shi was killed.

#Two: Wang Zhaojun Wang Zhaojun's real name is Wang Qiang(王嫱). She was living in Western Han Dynasty which is about 52 BC and 19 BC. Her Hometown is Xingshan Hubei Province. It is said to be so beautiful that her appearance would entice birds in flight to fall from the sky. Wang Zhaojun was said to have entered the harem of Emperor Yun at a young age. She remained a lady-in-waiting and was never visited by the emperor. At that time, the concubines of the emperor were chosen through portraits and most of the women bribed the painters into making their portrait look better. Wang Zhaojun, however, refused to do this and was painted an ugly portrait. In 33 B.C., Hu Hanye(a king of the ethnic group which always threated the Han government) visited and asked for a Han beauty as his wife. Therefore, he was presented with Wang Zhaojun and Emperor Yun was shocked. The painter who painted her portrait was later executed.

#Three: DiaochanDiaochan is living in the 3rd century, Late Eastern Han/Three Kingdoms period. Her hometown is in Yizhou, Shanxi Province. It is said that the moon itself would shy away in embarrassment when compared to her good looking face. There is a myth that her father presented her to the famous warrior Lu Bu and said some day he could marry her. He then brought her to Dong Zhou and said the same thing. He insisted on taking her as a mistress immediately. When Lu Bu found out, he killed and burned Dong Zhou, winning Diaochan for his own.

#Four: Yang Guifei Yang Guifei's real name is Yang Yuhuan. Her hometown is in Yongji county, Shanxi Province. As a harem of Tang Xuanzong Emperor of Tang Dynasty. She was born in 719 AD and died in 756 AD. She spent her childhood in Sichuan Province. She is said to have a beautiful face that puts all flowers to shame.