Top 10 Food to Eat On Chinese New Year Day

Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals in China. It is always happening in the late of January or begining of the Feburary. It is the first day of Chinese calendar year. It is also called the Chinese Lunar New Year. On the day of the New Year, people in China will eat lots of delicious food. Some of them are white steamed chicken, Chinese dumplings, fish, lobster, steamed pork, lamb, beef and so on. The 2022 Chinese New Year will be on February 1st, 2022. See more traditional Chinese festival here.

#One: Chicken to sacrifice to ancestors: Chicken is a must eat on the day before the New Year's day. They will steamed the whole chicken to sacrifice their ancestors in the countryside of China. Then they cut the chicken into small pieces to eat with the juice they made with pepper or other vegetable or plant leaves depending on their favor. The chicken they buy must be from the farmers' own family which will raise the chicken for more than half year.

#Two: Fish is good for all the year: Fish means good luck to everyone in the family and the future. So eating fish is a must activity during the Chinese New Year holiday. They always cook the fish by steamed ways. Then they cover the fish with some juice or plant leaves which make the fish smell good. Some times they like to cook the fish with a hot pot. Most family will buy a big fish before the New Year to eat on the new day.

#Three: Lamb meat: Chinese people would like to celebrate the New Year with their family members or a large group of relatives. The most popular food will be the hot pot with all kinds of meat. Then lamb is a must-eat food for most getherings or dinner. Sometimes, the lamb is cooked with other plants or vegetables. But most of the time, it is cooked in the mixed hot pot will all kinds of other food.

#Four: Roasted Duck: Duck meat is also very popular during the New Year's Day. People will buy a rosted duck from the market or shops. Rosted duck can be very delicous if eating with some other vegetables. They don't make the roasted duck by themselves.

#Five: Beef is good for health: If you are going to have a hot pot dinner with your Chinese friends, then you will have some beef on the New Year's holiday. Chinese people cut the beef into very thin pieces then cooked in the hot pot for a short time. This way of eating is very fresh and delicious for the Chinese culture. If you cook the beef too long, then it tastes not as fresh as the short time ones.

#Six: Drinking Rice Wine: In China's countryside, people must drink the rice wine when they want to celebrate the festivals or other important events, such as marriage or other getherings. Wine which makes from the rice is very popular in the countryside of China.