Top 10 Food to Eat On Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese Moon Festival is also called Mid-Autumn Festival because it always happens in the middle of September (autumn time). Mid-Autumn Day is one of the most important festivals in China. Chinese people celebrate the festival to thank the harvest. In 2021, the Mid-Autumn Day will be on September 21st, 2021. There are many kinds of activities during the festival day. Eating Moon cake, making dumplings and rice noodles are some of the popular activities. Chinese people are going to meet their family members and united with their family for the moon festival is a kind of united and harmonious festival. See more Chinese traditional festival.

#One: Eating Mooncake: Moon cake is the must-eat food during the Mid-autumn festival. People buy their favourite mooncake from the supermarkets or just making the mooncake by their own. There are many kinds of flavors in different mooncakes, such as salt one, sweet one. Some mooncakes have meat inside, such as beef, pork. The others will have an dry egg inside. The people in the south will like the sweet ones rather than the salt one which is the north people's favor. They will give mooncakes as a gift if they are going to visit their friends or relatives on the moon festival. In the countryside of China, farmers will make the mooncakes with their rice material by their own.

#Two: Eating Crabs on Moon Festival: Crabs and lobsters are the most popular food on the Mid-autumn festival. In China, the hairy crabs are on sale during September and October. Most family will go to the vegetable market to buy hairy crabs for the night of Mid-autumn Festival. If you are going late, then you can't buy the bigger ones or fatter ones. The cost of the crabs is also the higherst during this time. So go early if you want to buy some.

#Three: Eating Pumpkin: Pumpkin is a popular food in autumn, so it is also one of the food that eaten on Mid-autumn day. People use pumpkin to make different food, such as pumpkin biscuits, pumpkin noodles, pumpkin rice or soup. Sometimes people will make pumpkin mooncakes with sugar inside. Most of the time pumpkins are used to make soup with meat or sweet pumpkin cake. Because pumpkin is round and fat, which means good luck and united for most Chinese people. In ancient time, Chinese people use pumpkin to make pumpkin rice and soup to feed their children. It is a very good food for small kids.

#Four: River Snails: Although most westerners won't eat this kind of food, river snails are the most popular food in the southern China, such as Guangdong, Guangxi. People in Guangzhou will eat river snail during the moon festival. They belived that the snails will make their eyes bright and clear. In Guangxi, many people like to eat the river snails with hot pepper in it or cooked with beer fish. Sometimes you will find a river snails with chicken meat or duck. They are the famous meals in Guangxi, especially in Guilin. If you are going to Guilin, then you will find many dishes are made with the river snails and fish.

#Five: Eating Duck Meat: Duck meat is regarded as a food that make your body cool and comfortable in the mid autumn. So most Chinese people in the south of China will always eat duck meat in September or October. They believe the duck meat will do some good to their health. In the traditional festival of Guangxi's ghost festival, all of the family in the countryside will eat a duck on the day of this special festival. They believe the duck will bring good luck to their family and health. This is also the reflection of the Chinese Yin and Yang culture, which believe the duck mean is a kind of Yin food.

#Five: Eating Lotus Roots: In history of China, lotus is seemed a kind and clean flower. Most people who were good at art in ancient time will love the lotus flower. So the lotus roots are the most popular food in Autumn. people use the lotus roots to cook with bones of pigs or lamb meat to make the soup delicious. The lotus roots is regared as healthy to the body and they bring clean energy to their body.