Top 10 Biggest Cities in Guangxi

Guangxi is located in the south of China. As one of the minority provinces of China, Guangxi is the home of Zhuang Ethnic Group and other minority group. The major population in Guangxi is Zhuang ethnic group. Guangxi is a beautiful places which is rich in natural resources and karst mountains. Famous tourist city, Guilin is the world known places for natural wonders. Other cities like Nanning, Liuzhou, Beihai, Qinzhou, Guigang, Yulin, Hechi and Baise are the top cities in Guangxi.

#One: Nanning, the capital of Guangxi: Nanning is the capital city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is also the biggest city in Guangxi. Located in the south of Guangxi, Nanning has more than 7 million population. Nanning is a modern city which develops very fast in recent years. Famous tourist attractions in Nanning are Qingxiu Mountain, Fengling Theme Park, Nanning Wild Animals Zoo, Yilingyan Cave, Fangte Park and more. Famous local snacks are Laoyou Rice Noodles. Tourists can take a bus, bullet train, planes to Nanning from other cities in China.

#Two: Guilin, the Best landscape under the Heaven: Guilin is the second largest city in Guangxi. It is also the most famous city in Guangxi and China. As one of the most popular travel destinaitons in China, Guilin welcomes millions tourists from China and all over the world. Located in the northest of Guangxi, Guilin has rich tourist resources and attractions. Famous places are including Li River, Yangshuo, Two Rivers and Four Lakes, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Longji Terraced Field, Seven Star Park and hundreds of small tourist sites around Guilin. See why you visit Guilin on Li River cruise.

#Three: Liuzhou, a industrial city of Guangxi: Liuzhou is the third largest city in Guangxi, which is near Guilin. It is the industrial hub of Guangxi. Liuzhou is also a very beautiful city with rich travel resources and hills. Liuhou Park is the biggest park in Liuzhou. Famous local snack is River Snail Rice Noodles which is well known in China. The biggest company in Guangxi is Liugong, which is headed in Liuzhou city. It will take about 1.5 hours to drive from Guilin to Liuzhou or 2 hours from Nanning to Liuzhou.

#Four: Beihai, the coastal city of Guangxi: Beihai is located in the southeast of Guangxi. It is a coastal city with beautiful beach and seascapes. As one of the best city with beautiful beaches in Guangxi, Beihai is the major destinations for holiday for most people in Guangxi. Weizhou Island is the most popular destinations for Guangxi people's holiday. Many tourists from Guangxi to take a bullet train to Beihai to eat the sea food at the weekend. The biggest beach, Yintan is located in Beihai city.

#Five: Qinzhou, the export city of Guangxi: Qinzhou is located in the southeast of Guangxi. It is near Beihai city. Qinzhou is also a coastal city which has the biggest export port in Guangxi. Qinzhou is a major export city in Guangxi. Sanniangwan Beach is a popular attraction in Qinzhou. Local snack is the Pig Feet Noodles. It is about 2 hours drive from Nanning or Beihai.

#Six: Hechi, the Inner City of Guangxi: Hechi is located in the center of Guangxi. It is also a small city with less people compared to other big city in Guangxi. The most famous noodle dish in Hechi is fish noodles which cost about 10 yuan. If you are going to visit Hechi some day, then have a try the fish noodles on the streets of Hechi.

#Seven: Baise, Mountain City of Guangxi: Baisse is located in the west of Guangxi. It is a mountainous city with tallest mountains in Guangxi. Baise is also one of the popular travel destinations for Chinese as its important role in the recent history of China. The most popular destinations in Baise is Dashiwei Cave. Mangoes are produced in Baise.

#Eight: Yulin, the city with fruit: Yulin city is located in the southeast of Guangxi. It is a city rich in agriculture resources. Yulin produced most fruit in Guangxi, especially the Lychee and grape fruit. If you are going to Yulin in October, then you will see the grape fruit harvest in the countryside or the field.

#Nine: Laibin, the city of Sugarcane: Laibin is located in the middle north of Guangxi. The city produced most sugarcane of Guangxi. It will take 1 hour to drive from Guilin to Laibin. The city of Laibin is very beautiful for its plain areas of sugarcanes. If you are visiting Laibin city in Summer, you will enjoy a large piece of green plain of sugarcanes.

#Ten: Wuzhou, the small city in the east of Guangxi: Wuzhou is a small city in Guangxi with about 2.82 million population. Wuzhou is a green city with high rate of forest coverage. The local snacks are including Guiling Gao, Liubao Green Tea, and Shangtang Rice Noodles. Wuzhou used to be the transport hub for its convenient river transport. But in later railway development, Wuzhou lost its importance in transport. Now Wuzhou is a small city which is seldom known by many people.