Top 10 Doctors in Ancient China

China has more than 5,000 years of history and is rich in cultural and medical resources. During the ancient time, Chinese doctors has save millions of people's life with their high skill in medical education. The traditional medical treatments have been passed by generations to another. It is a great value to learn some basic Chinese medical treatments to keep healthy and live a happy life in the modern age. Here we are going to introduce the top 10 famous doctors in ancient China to help reads who are interested in traditional Chinese medical treatments.

#One: Bian Que 扁鹊 (Waring States Period): Bian Que was born about in 407 BC in Qin State. He wrote a medical book called Bianque Neijing, which means Bianque treatments. It is said that Bianque was the first doctor who invented Needle Stone and Ironing. He helped lots of poor and female patient to get back their health. He diagnose the illness by observation the face of patients and touch the pulse of the hand. There is a good story about Bian Que and a king called Cai Huangong.

#Two: Hua Tuo 华佗(Han Dynasty): Hua Tuo was born in Han Dynasty. His hometown is Anhui Province, which is located in the east of China. Hua Tuo is the first man who use “Ma Fei San” to operat a surgery in ancient China. He is quite good at the operation of surgery. There are many temples that was built to remember the great doctor today.

#Three: Zhang Zhongjing 张仲景(Han Dynasty): Zhang Zhongjing was living in Eastern Han Dynasty in Henan Province. “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” was a great book writen by Zhang Zhongjing. He was a great contributor to the foundation of Chinese medical treatment. Many clinical practices are following the guides of the books. It is also a must-read book for Chinese doctors nowadays.

#Four: Huang Fumi皇甫谧(Jin Dynasty): Huang Fumi was living in Western Jin Dynasty in Gansu Province. He was a mecial scientist of Chinese medicine. Huang Fumi has a high academic status and great reputation in the history of acupuncture. He was a great medical scientist in Jin Dynasty who was remembered a lot by the local people of Gansu.

#Five: Ge Hong葛洪(Jin Dynasty): Ge Hong was living in Western Jin Dynasty in Jiangsu Province. He was also a Chinese medicine Scientist. He used alchemy, medicine, and writing his books during all his life. His books “Bao Puzi” and “Evening the Emperor” were the two books that were well-known in the medical students of China.

#Six: Sun Simiao孙思邈(Tang Dynasty): Sun Simiao was living in Sui and Tang Dynasty in Shaanxi Province. He is a famous medical scientist and pharmacologist in the history of China. He wrote his books “Qian Jin Fang” to create a classification system for ill and rickets. It is a great contributor to the Chinese medical education. He is seemed as a Drug King for his life-time learning of the medicine treatment. He lived for 102 years old.

#Seven: Qian Yi钱乙( in Song Dynasty): Qian Yi was living in Song Dynasty in Zhejiang Province. He is good at pediatrics. His book “Pediatric Drugs Directly” is the first existing pediatric monograph in China. Qian Yi is a famous doctor in the Song Dynasty.

#Eight: Zhu Zhenheng朱震亨(Yuan Dynasty): Zhu Zhenheng was living in Yuan Dynasty in Zhejiang Province. He learned Confucianism in his young age then changed his interest to medical later. He was advocating the saying that “there is always more than enough, and the yin is often inadequate”

#Nine: Li Shizhen李时珍( in Ming Dynasty): Li Shizhen was living in Ming Dynasty in Hubei Province. His father is a famous doctor in his hometown. Li Shizhen learned a lot of medical knowledge in his childhood especially in the herbal medicine. He also learned from the common people and doctors in nearby places. Because of his high skill in medcical treatments, Li Shizhen was invited to be doctors in the imperial Tai Hospital for the royal family. Li Shizhen only served for a year and resigned to return home because smoldered by other quack doctors in the Tai hospital. He spent more than 30 years to the write “Compendium of Materia Medica”, which is a great work in the medical history of China.

#Ten: Ye Tingshi叶天士( in Qing Dynasty): Ye Tianshi was living in Qing Dynasty in Jiangsu Province. Ye's family are famous local doctors. Ye Tianshi is a diligent and brilliant students in medical treatments. He is the founder of the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the history of Chinese medicine.He is especially good at treating diseases such as Qijing, spleen and stomach, and pediatrics. His books are including “Leaf Cases” and “The Last Medical Case”.