Top 10 Attractions Along the Yangtze River

China is an amazing place and home to the word's largest population. China spent several decades in near total isolation but has recently stepped out of its own shadow and invited the world to come see what it has to offer. The Yangtze River serves as one of the most important sources of trade and travel within China and serves as a great place to truly begin to understand this growing giant in the world. China is coming into the world and taking its place at the table. For many of us, we feel a sense of curiosity about this once isolated nation and wish to know more. While discussing all that China has to offer would take several books, the following ten locations along the Yangtze River are truly one of a kind places that can only be found in China.

#One:The Snow Jade Cave: The Snow Jade Cave is truly one of those places you have to see to believe. This stunning cave is made up of flowing jade formations that are truly beyond description. Imagine going underground and finding yourself in a land filled with colored jade that has formed to look like icicles forever bound in a single moment of time. If this sounds amazing, good, because the Snow Jade Cave is a wonder to behold.

#Two: The Three Gorges Museum:The Three Gorges Museum is one of the most amazing museums in the world. Labeled as the world's largest iconic museum, the Three Gorges museum is a museum dedicated to the people and culture of the Three Gorges area. This museum has three main displays that give visitors a chance to see what the Three Gorges area is all about including an extensive display about the Three Gorges Dam.

#Three:The ghost city of Fengdu: When a westerner hears the term ghost city they think of an abandoned town in the American West, but the ghost city of Fengdu is alive and well. The reason this place is called a ghost city is that there are many ghost stories to be heard in this truly mystifying city. If you like a touch of the mysterious with your exploration, then Fengdu is worth some time. Read more Chinese Ghost Festivals.

#Four:Shibaozhai (Precious Stone Fortress) : Shibaozhai is a truly astonishing combination of natural wonder combined with the ingenuity of humanity. The best way to describe this stunning piece of work is that it is a temple carved into a massive piece of stone. This is one of those places you really do have to see to believe.

#Five: Bellows Gorge & Meng Liang Stairway :Part of what makes China so wondrous is how the people of this country work in harmony with the world around them. They take a scene of natural beauty and then leave their own stamp on it. This is exactly what the Bellows gorge and Meng Liang Stairway show us. This is a natural gorge with stunning rock formations that had many stairways built in over the last several hundred years.

#Six: Three Little Gorges :Most of us have actually seen pictures of this place without knowing it. When you see visions of the natural beauty of China, you see soaring mountains covered in a green, mystical fog. This is exactly what the Three Little Gorges looks like. This part of the Yangtze River is a sightseer's paradise and radiates a sense of peace and harmony to all those who find themselves here.

#Seven: Goddess Peak :When you think of China, you cannot help but think of mist-covered mountaintops and Goddess Peak is this and more. This mountain is truly breathtaking and a wonder to behold. While to truly experience all that Goddess Peak has to offer you will have to hike a bit, the trek is more than worth it. If you enjoy nature's beauty, this is the place you want to be.

#Eight:Qu Yuan Temple & Fragrant Stream :Most people who visit China want to see the temples this country is well known for. Out of the many temples you can visit along the Yangtze River, the Qu Yuan Temple is one of the most amazing in the world. While the temple itself is rather simple in construction, it has a truly rich history and is placed in a breathtaking area. When you visit this temple, you may just find yourself thinking about the joys of a life of contemplation and study.

#Nine:Yellow Crane Tower :If there is a single building in all of China that best represents the past of this great nation, than the Yellow Crane Tower is probably it. This soaring building is a marvel of construction and will leave you staring at awe when you consider how much artistry this building possesses. Not only is the building itself worth seeing but the legend behind the building of the Yellow Crane Tower is worth looking into as well.

#Ten:Mount Lushan National Park :This particular point of interest is a national park that truly represents the beauty of China. The Lushan National park has been set aside for the citizens of China as a reminder of the natural beauty their homeland possesses. If you want to see the natural China and get away from the pressure of the cities and other busy places, this is a necessary stop in your journey.

In the end, these ten places are just some of the many wonders you can see when you journey along the Yangtze River. While each of these ten is a truly beautiful place to visit and experience, there is so much more. If you are planning a trip to China anytime soon, you will want to not only visit these ten places but so many more. It doesn't matter what your purpose for visiting China is, there is so much for you to do that you could spend several lifetimes in this great land and never do the same thing you did before. China is a wonderful land and is worth every moment you spend there.