Zhejiang Province Guide

General Introduction to Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang ProvinceZhejiang is located in the southeastern part of China. Bordering Fujian in the south, Anhui and Jiangxi in the west and Jiangsu to the north, Zhejiang is a coastal province in China. Zhejiang is a beautiful and prosperous province. Covering 100,000 square kilometers in areas, Zhejiang has a population of 46 million. There are many ethnic groups living in the province including Hui, Manchu and Miao.


Zhejiang, with its capital Hangzhou has many famous natural sightseeing spots. Fuzhou is also the political, cultural and economical center of Zhejiang Province.



Best Time to Go to Zhejiang

Zhejiang a subtropical and humid climate with pleasant and fair weather. The summer is hot, humid and lone while the winter is not too cold. January temperature is around 2 to 8°C. July temperature is around 27 to 30°C. Spring and autumn are the most comfortable seasons for visiting.


What to See in Zhejiang

Yunan is rich in natural scenery and landcape. Its capital Hangzhou is a famous tourist city in China. Famous attractions in Zhejiang are West Lake, Putuo Mountain, Qiandaohu Lake, Xitang and Wuzhen water town, Qiantang River Tide and so on.


Top Ten Cities in Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang has many beautiful cities. Hangzhou is the biggest and the capital city of Zhejiang. Other cities are the following:


Jiaxing cityJiaxing City

Huzhou cityHuzhou City

Jinhua cityJinhua City

Lishui cityLishui City

Ningbo cityNingbo City

Quzhou  cityQuzhou City

Shaoxing  cityShaoxing City

Yiwu  cityYiwu City

Wenzhou  cityWenzhou City


Zhejiang Travel Tips

1. Zhejiang is rich in beautiful natural scernery and landscape.

2. Hangzhou is the top tourist city in Zhejiang province.

3. Wuzhen and Xitang water towns are located in Zhejiang.

4. It is convenient to travel to Hangzhou from Shanghai.