Taiwan Province Guide

General Introduction to Taiwan Province

Taiwan ProvinceTaiwan is located in the southeast of Asia. Taiwan is a mountain island. Tow thirds of Taiwan are covered by highland and mountains. There are many famous mountains in Taiwan. The most famous of the mountains, Ali Mountain, is the symbol of charming Taiwan. Taiwan has the most comfortable weather and winter is as warm ans spring and summer.


Taiwan, with its capital Taipei, has many famous natural sightseeing spots. Taipei is also the political, cultural and economical center of Taiwan Province.



Best Time to Go to Taiwan

Taiwan a comfortable weather. You can visit Taiwan in any time of the year. The seasons in Taiwan is not clear. Temperature in all year round are similar.


What to See in Taiwan

Taiwan is rich in natural scenery and landcape. Famous attractions in Taiwan are Ali Mountain, Mt. Yangming, Mt. Yushan, Sun Moon Lake, Taipei National Palace Museum.


Top Ten Cities in Taiwan Province

Taiwan has many beautiful cities. Taipei is the biggest and the capital city of Taiwan. Other cities are the following:


TaipeiTaipei City

Xinzhu cityXinzhu City

Taoyuan cityTaoyuan City

Taizhong cityTaizhong City

Tainan cityTainan City

Nantou cityNantou City

Penghu  cityPenghu City

Jiayi  cityJiayi City

Jilong  cityJilong City

Gaoxiong  cityGaoxiong City


Taiwan Travel Tips

1. Taiwan is rich in beautiful natural scernery and landscape.

2. Taipei is the top tourist city in Taiwan province.

3. You can visit Taiwan all year round.

4. There are many local languages in Taiwan. But most of the residents can understand mandarin.