Shanxi Province Guide

General Introduction to Shanxi Province

Shanxi ProvinceShanxi is located in the west of Taihang Mountain, which got its name from its location. Bordering Hebei to the east, Shaanxi to the west, Inner Mongolia to the north, Henan to the south. Shanxi has a total area of 156,000 square kilometres and a total population of 32 million. Shanxi has a long hsitory, which can be dated back to Spring and Autumn Period. Shanxi is belonged to Jin State in Spring and Autumbn Period.


Shanxi Province, with its capital Taiyuan is one of the birth places of Chinese civilizations with a long history and traditional culture. Taiyuan is also the political, cultural and economical center of Shanxi Province.



Best Time to Go to Shanxi

Shanxi has a continental monsoon climate. The winter is cold and dry while the summer is hot and humid. Average January temperatures are below 0 °C, while average July temperatures are around 21 - 26 °C. There are often sandstorms in the Spring. The best time to visit Shanxi is from May and October.


What to See in Shanxi Province

Shanxi has a lot of historical sites and cultural relics. Shanxi is called 'Chinese Ancient Architecture Museum'. There are many ancient structure built before the Liao and Song Dynasties. Famous attractions in Shanxi are Yungang Grottoes, Ancient City of Pingyao, Shuanglin Temple and Jinci Temple. Hengshan Mountain, one of the top five mountains in China, is located in the proince.


Top Ten Cities in Shanxi Province

Shanxi has many historical and cultural cities. Jinan is the biggest and the capital city of Shanxi. Other cities are the following:


Datong cityDatong City

Changzhi cityChangzhi City

Jincheng cityJincheng City

Jinzhong cityJinzhong City

Linfen cityLinfen City

Lvliang  cityLvliang City

Pingyao cityPingyao City

Yuncheng cityYuncheng City

Yangquan cityYangquan City


Shanxi Travel Tips

1. The best time to Vsit Shanxi is Autumn.

2.There will be sandstorm in Spirng. Please wear sun glasses when you visit the province in Spring.

3. Taiyuan city is the capital city of Shanxi province.

4. Shanxi produce most ot the coal in China.