Ningxia Province Guide

General Introduction to Ningxia Province

Ningxia ProvinceNingxia is located in the northwest of China. Bordering Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the north, Gansu province to the south, and Shaanxi province to the east, Ningxia has a total area of 66,000 square kilometres and a total population of 5.62 million. There are about one third of the population of Hui Minority people living in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.


Ningxia Province, with its capital Yinchuan was the main place for trade and transportation between the eastern and western regions during the time of the Tang and Han Dynasties (206 BC - 907 AD).



Best Time to Go to Ningxia

Ningxia has a continental climate. Winter is long and cold while the summer is hot and short. The The lowest termperauture in January averaging from -10C to -7C , and the highest temperature in July averaging from 17C to 24C. Annual rainfall averages from 190 to 700 millimeters, with more rain falling in the south of the region.


What to See in Ningxia Province

Ningxia is a rich and diverse region. Tourist will find the special landscape, unique local customs and habits, and ancient history of Ningxia are interesting. Famous attractions are Haibao Pagoda, West Xia Imperial Tombs, Liupan Mountain, Sand Lake Scenic Resort, Shapotou and so on.


Top Ten Cities in Ningxia Province

Ningxia has many beautiful cities. Yinchuan is the biggest and the capital city of Ningxia. Other cities are the following:


Shizuishan cityShizuishan City

Wuzhong cityWuzhong City

Guyuan cityGuyuan City

Zhongwei cityZhongwei City


Ningxia Travel Tips

1. The winter of Ningxia is long and cold. Summer is hot and short.

2.Yinchuan is the capital city of Ningxia.

3.The Hui People are the maojor minority groups in Ningxia.

4. Tourists can fly to Yinchuan from most capital cities of the provinces.