Hainan Province Guide

General Introduction to Hainan Province

Hainan ProvinceHainan is located in the south end of China. Areas of Hainan 35,000 square kilometers. Hainan is the ocean Island of China. Hainan province is famous for its beautiful beach and seashore. People called this island the oriental Hawaii. Like many other provinces in China, Hainan has also a large number of minority. Li and Miao people are the major minorities.


Hainan Province, with its capital Haikou. It is also the political, cultural and economical center of Hainan Province.



Best Time to Go Hainan

Hainan has the most comfortable climate in China. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunshine and beach here. Winter is warm here. If you don't like the cold winter in your city, you can come to Hainan to go through the winter. In January and February, the average temperature is 16C to 24C, and 25C to 29C is in July and August. Rainfall is rich from May to October. So the best time to visit Hainan is Winter, which will range from November to March the next year.


What to See in Hainan Province

Hainan is a sea sightseeing places. People coming to Hainan to enjoy the sunshine and beach. The tourist city Sanya in Hainan province is the most popular travel destinations in China. Famous beaches in Sanya are including Tianya Haijiao and Dadonghai. Historical heritages such as Hairui Tomb (Hairui (1514 - 1587) who was a compassionate and popular officer during the Ming Dynasty) and Wugong Temple (Fiver Officials' Temple) in Haikou are also worth a visit.


Top Ten Cities in Hainan Province

Hainan is not a big province. There are only two major cities in the province. They are Sanya and the captical city Haikou city.


Sanya citySanya City


Hainan Travel Tips

1.In the city of WenChang next to the Confucian Temple is the Heng Family Ancenstral Temple.

2.WenCheng is a small town and everyone is very friendly and would gladly help you. There is a problem here do you speak hainanese it would be easier, but the younger locals could speaks English fluently.

3.Hainan is a good place to enjoy the beaches and sunshine.

4. Sanya is a must see place if you travel to Hainan province.