Things to learn about China when you are travelling to Shanghai China

If you are travelling to Shanghai in the near future, then this can be a great opportunity for you to learn about the history, culture and the people of China. Shanghai is one of the biggest cities of china and is on the front when it comes to displaying the Chinese culture to the world.

#One: The history and culture of China: The city of shanghai holds more than 70 museums. The most prominent among them are the Shanghai Museum, the shanghai art museum and the shanghai natural history museum. All of these museums hold centuries old artifacts. Visiting these museums can prove to be very beneficial as they can provide a deep insight into the History and culture of China. The art museums hold some of the best pieces of Chinese arts and paintings and are worth looking at.

#Two: Chinese Architecture: Shanghai has some of the most famous pieces of old Chinese architecture. This includes the Old shanghai city where the Yuyuan Garden is situated. The superbly maintained old Chinese buildings are an excellent example of Chinese architecture. Other than the Yuyuan garden, the Xingshengjiao Temple pagoda and the longhua Pagoda are also examples of the unique old Chinese architecture.

#Three: Chinese Food: Chinese cuisine has always been praised for its uniqueness. And Shanghai being one of the biggest cities of China offers options to try out all sorts of different Chinese cuisine. Sea food has always been an integral part of Chinese cuisine. In shanghai you can get almost any sort of imaginable as well as unimaginable sea food. And in addition to that, the concept of “drunken food” is also common in Shanghai. To make the seafood more delicious, the fishes and crabs and other seafood are often “drunken” in different types of beverages and spirits. But, pork and chicken also attract much attention in Chinese cuisine. Pork buns are one of the most favorite breakfast and lunch items of the people of Shanghai. Dumplings are also another favorite food of the Chinese people. The Xiaolongbao is a dumpling which is most common among the people of shanghai.

#Four: Devotion towards development and advancement: The Chinese people have always been one of the most hardworking people of all. This is the only reason that China today stands at the top of the economic world. Shanghai is one of the best examples of a booming China. The Pudong district of Shanghai is a financial and commercial hub. Apart from its economic importance, the tall skyscrapers of the Shanghai communicate great beauty and scenery. The Pudong district holds some of the tallest buildings of China, such as the Shanghai world financial center and the pearl tower. Apart from the tall buildings, Shanghai also has a maglev bullet train which can travel at 250km/h! But even after all these features; Shanghai is still developing day by day. New buildings are being built or being proposed to be built every day. This tells us about the Chinese people’s hard work and dedication towards development and advancement.