Top 10 Topics to Chat with a Chinese Girl

If you are interested in meeting a Chinese girl, then this article will help you some. For most Chinese girls, they are not very brave to chat with a strange foreigner in a public place. Most of the girls can't speak very good English in some cities beside some big cities like Beijing or Shanghai. So if you are meeting them in a small city, then you have to learn some basic Chinese to communicate with them. Here are some of the popular topic for chatting with Chinese girls.

#One:Chinese food topic. If you are from different countries, you can ask them what the most popular food they have in their city. What's their flavor or what kind of food they would like to eat in their daily life. Most Chinese girl would like to share their knowledge of food in their cities. For example, if you are in Chengdu, then you can ask them where to have the most delicious hot pot in Chengdu. What's your favourite food when you are eating hot pot. Do they like spicy food or not. Do they make hot pot at their home or not. These are quite good questions to start a communication.

#Two:Popular TV Show. Chinese girls likes watching TV shows at their free time. Most of them will spend much of their free time to watch the popular TV show recently. If you ask them what the recent pop TV show is, then they would like to share with you. So if you are going to talk more about the TV show, you have to watch some of the recent movies or tv show first. According to their favourite shows, you can ask them more question about their favourite star or actors.

#Three: Music they listening to. If you are meeting a girls who wear a earphone, they probbaly are listening to their favourite music. You can chat with them about the popular music in your countries or your favourite music style or the singers you like. They would like to share their story and know what to chat with you.  

#Four:Education in China. You can ask them the systems of their education or their school life. You can also ask them how they learn English in their school. They don't know how to speak English with you at some time, so just be patient with them. Don't speak too fast that they can't catch up you.  

#Five:Travelling. Most Chinese girls are likely to travel at some time. So ask them about their favaourite palces to travel in the world. Not just in their country, some of the girls have been to other places in the world, so ask how they go there and what they saw in their last travel destinations.  

#Six: Talking about Hometown. Chinese people can't forget their hometown in their lifetime. So if they are come from different places, then you can ask them about their hometown. Ask them what the special things in their hometown or what the most famous food or snacks in their hometown, they would be very happy to talk about their hometown's food or places to visit. Learn something before you go to meet the girls about her hometown.  

#Seven:Talking about their college or middle school. Most Chinese girls would like to share their story in the college or tell you something about their life in the middle school or university. So ask them what the major subjects in their school life. What's their favourite subject or sports.

#Eight:Talking about Chinese History. As you know, China has more than 5,000 years of history, every Chinese is proud of this. So try to ask them more questions about their favourite dynasties in history or which emperors do they like in the history of China.

#Nine: Video Game. Nowadays, Chinese girls are playing games on the mobile phone. So try to ask them what the game is about and how to play it. If you have a Chinese mobile phone, try to download some popular games recently with them. It will be ok to play with them.

#Ten:Shopping is a big topic. Every girl likes shopping online or in the shopping markets. So try to ask them where they will go shopping and what they often buy in their daily life. How much they will spend on shopping every month or where to buy their daily products.

Although there are many topics you can talk with the girls in China, there are some of the topcis that you should avoid, such as religion, politics, sex, personal things or just their family things. If you are going to make a Chinese girl friend, try to be honest and kind.