China's Henan Province was hit by Torrential Rain since July 11th, 2021

China's Henan province was hit by the strongest rainfall since July 11th, 2021. And the capital city of Henan province, Zhengzhou welcomes the stronggest rainfall on July 20th, 2021, which never happened in the past 100 years of history. Now the downtown of Zhengzhou was in a difficult flooding conditions. The local governments are doing their best to evaculate people who living in the lower parts or dangerous areas. Until now, it is said that a total of 12 people have been killed in the torrential rains in the downtown area of Zhengzhou, most of them are trapped in the subway of Zhengzhou. About 100,000 people have been relocated to safe places in Henan Province. Hundreds of cars were floated with the flood into some of the lower parts or river. Chinese central government has took strong action to save people's life and property.

The Henan Provincial Water Resources Department and the Henan Provincial Meteorological Observatory jointly issued a meteorological warning for mountain torrent disasters. People who living in the lower parts or the mountain areas must be careful for outside activities.

On July 20th, 2021, all subways in Zhengzhou have been closed down and more than hundreds of trains are delayed or turned down. Public traffic and air ways are also affected because of the bad weather and flood reasons. Tourists in Henan should stay in a safe place and not going out in recent days. Public parks and tourists attractions sites are closed down at the same time.

Many other provinces in China have offered great helps and goods to help Henan province to go through this difficulties. Chinese army has arrived Zhengzhou to save people and help the needed. The rains have been not stopped so the flood will continue. Take care if you are living or working or traveling in Henan province. Hope the flood of Henan Province will end and the rains will stop soon. God bless Henan Province and Zhengzhou City.