Simatai Great Wall

Facts about Simatai Great wall of China

Simatai Great wallSiMaTai Great Wall, 120 km northeast of Beijing, is 5.4 km long with 35 watchtowers. Hanging precariously onto the YanShan Mountains, SiMaTai Great Wall is known for its steepness, ruggedness and outstanding beauty. SiMaTai Great Wall connects with JinShanLing Great Wall to the west.

SiMaTai holds the access to GuBeiKou, a strategic pass in the eastern part of the Great Wall.

Originally built during the Northern Qi dynasty and rebuilt in the HongWu years of the Ming dynasty by Qi JiGuang, this section of the Great Wall is the only part of the wall that retains all the original features of the Ming Dynasty wall. The bricks used to build the walls here were stamped with the date on which they were made and the code numbers of the armies that made them.


Ingeniously conceived and uniquely designed, this section of Great Wall, inimitable and diversified, has incorporated the different characteristics of other sections of the Great Wall.

Built on precipitous mountain ridges, there are many places that are unmatched among other sections of Great Wall. The 'Heavenly Ladder' and the 'Sky Bridge' are particularly dangerous - they can make even the most intrepid tremble with fear.