Huangyaguan Great Wall

Facts about Huangyaguan Great wall of China

Huangyaguan Great wall The Huangyaguan Great Wall is the longest restored part of the Great Wall at a length of 3052 meters. The Huangyaguan Great Wall is 28 kilometers north of Ji county. This section of the Great Wall has two sections, Huangyaguan and Taipingzhai. At the center of the Huangyaguan section is Guancheng, where the village Bagua was built which was part of a defense strategy. This village has a unique defense strategy mechanism, based on diagrams drawn by an ancient tribal leader Fuxi. Enter the Bagua Village and you might just end up going around in circles or come to a dead end. Tourists are encouraged to try! Now The Huangyaguan Great Wall is also chosen as a patriotic education and national defense education base of Tianjin.

In the Taipingzhai section you will find the Guafu Tower or what can be translated to Widow Tower. This was built during the Ming Dynasty from 12 widows of frontier soldiers who donated their pension in remembrance of their loved ones. The first Great Wall museum is located here where tourists can learn about the history of the wall. Amongst its varied contents lie artifacts and weapons of Qi Jiguang who is a national hero and a general from the Ming Dynasty.

In the reparation during the 1980s, more tourist sites were built at the foot of the Huangyaguan Great Wall in Bagua Village, including Huangyaguan Great Wall Museum and the Stele Forest. Huangyaguan Great Wall Museum is the first Great Wall museum in China. In the showroom, tourists can learn about the historical development of the Great Wall. Also, the arms and everyday ware of Qi Jiguang (a general in Ming Dynasty and also a national hero) and his soldiers are displayed. The Stele Forest is the biggest in northern China. Stele inscriptions show the calligraphy of Chairman Mao, some generals of New China and modern calligraphers.

With various forms of water towers presented along the walls, and the largest tower of the Great Wall “Phoenix Tower” and the most unique “Baguaguan Castle”, Huangyaguan Great Wall is like a library of the Great Wall.

By now 3025 meters of the Huangyaguan Great Wall, 20 water towers and a water pass have been repaired. This section has several features: On the mountains with peaks rising one higher than another, the Great wall jumps its way up and down as a linkage between the cliff and crags. Since the mountain is sloppy, the steps are very high. In some sections, it looks like that the wall is running straight up or down. When you look down, you will feel dizzy at the sight.

The Huangyaguan International Marathon is annually held here, and a part of the race is on the Great Wall. More than 1400 people from over 30 countries enthusiastically take part in this race every year. In addition, hiking along this section of the wall is an exhilarating experience, as the walls here vary in size, shape and building material. On Huangyaguan Great Wall, you will be able to enjoy both mountain scenery and waterfalls and springs.