Fishing In Guilin

Li River Fishing

 fishing in GuilinGuilin is a world famous tourists city which attracts thousands of tourists from China and the world. Most people coming to Guilin for its beautiful landscape and good air quality. Fishing is also a great activities in Guilin. Although there are no big fish in the lakes or rivers in Guilin, there are many people in China who like fishing in Guilin for its clean water and air. It's a kind of rest. Most people are fishing in the Li River or the fishing areas of some lakes in the city, such as Shanhu Lake fishing area. Fishing in non-fishing area is not allowed in order to protect the environment of Li River and the lakes. If you want to fish in Li River, you have to rent a cruise ship or a bamboo boat. During the fishing time, you can enjoy the great and beautiful scenery along the river. Different shapes of mountains with green plants and clean water flowing under your ships. If you are lucky enough, you can fish some big fish about 2-5 kilos. Don't expect big fish in the sea. You will also see the fisherman who use a kind of fishing bird to get the fish. It's interesting to fish like this. You can also buy fish from them in reasonable price. Fish from the Li River is delicous and fresh. You can cook them by yourself. If you don't want to cook yourself, you can also bring it to a farmer's house to ask them to cook for you by giving them some cooking fee about 5 dollars. You can also cook it in the

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