Most Famous Chinese Festivals

Spring Festival

Spring festivalSpring Festival is one of the most important festivals in China. It is celebrated in late January or early of February. It is on the first day of the Chinese lunar month. People in China celebrate the festival for more than 15 days. From the first day of the spring to the 15th. The most important day is the New Year's Eve and the New Year day that followed. People will get together with their family and have a big dinner on the New Year's Eve to welcome the New Year. Every house fire the firecrackers to show the happy time. Read More about 2015 Spring Festival



Chinese Lantern Festival

Lanern FetivalLantern Festival is the second festival in a new year. It is held on the 15th of the first month in lunar calendar. On that day, Chinese people eat Tangyuan, a kind of sweet dumpings with round shape, which means getting together and harmonious. There are also many lantern fairs in each city. People use red paper to make the beautiful lanterns to express the happiness of the new year.




Qingming Festival is also Called Tomb Sweeping Day

Tomb Sweeping dayQingming Festival is also called Tomb Sweeping Day in Chinese. It is often held in April 4th or 5th. It is a time to worship ancestors or visit the tombs of the passed family members. People bring food and wine as well as the firecrackers to worship their passed away family members. It is also a good time to enjoy the natural during the Spring. Read More about Qing Ming Festival 2015




Duan Wujie Fedtial Also called Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat FestivalThe Dragon Boat Festival is a speical festival to remember the great poet whose name is Qu Yuan in history of China. It happens in June every year. People eating Zongzi on that day and taking part in the dragon boat race. There are many other activities on that day. Read More Dragon Boat Festival 2015





Ghost Festival in China

Ghost festivalThe Ghost Festival is a festival to worth ancestors and the passed away family members. It ia also a festival for celebration the first half year harvest. People eating duck and burning paper clothers to worship ancestors on that day. It is often held in the middle of the 7th lunar month. If their is a family member passed away on the day before ghost day, their family will invite other people to worship the members. They will burn the paper money or paper clothes for the passed away members.




Mid-Autumn Festival is also called Moon Festival

Mid autumn festivalMid-Autumn Festival is the second most important festival in China. It is held on the 15th in the 8th month of the lunar calendar of China. It is also called the Moon Festival as it is on the full moon day. People will get together to have a speical dinner and enjoy the moon at night. After the dinner, people will eat mooncake and worship the moon. Most of the people will go out that night to enjoy the bright moon and doing many interesting activities, such as barbecue or singing and dancing. This is a happy time for Chinese people. Read More Mid-Autumn Festival 2015



Doule Ninth Festival is also called Chongyang Festival

Chongyang festivalThe Double Ninth Festival got its name from the date it celebrates on 9th of the 9th lunar month. Nine is a speical number in China. It is also a lucky and longevity number. It is also a festival for respecting the seniors in China. People will take the seniors to climb up the mountain to see a scenery. There are many poems about the festival. There are no special food for this day. People will go to the restaurants to have dinner with their friends or famiy members.