General Introduction to Xining

Xining CityXining is the capital city of Qinghai province. It is also the political, economical, cultural and traffic center of Qinghai province. Located at edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Xining has an average altitude of over 2,200 meters. In ancient China, Xining was the most common passing channel of the famous Silk Road.

The best time to visit Xining is in Summer and Fall. Winter and Spring are cold and long. Summer is cool and comfortable. There are about 37 nationalities living here, including Han, Hui, Tu and Tibetan. The local traditions and customs are influenced by these distinctive nationalities, in particular the Tibetan group.



Xining Weather and Climate

Xining has also been dubbed the Summer Resort Capital of China owing to its cool summer. it has a cold semi-arid climate. Due to its altitude, July highs average 24.6 °C (76.3 °F), and due to its aridity, nighttime lows are often 14 to 15 °C lower than daytime highs during the winter and spring months. Lows are cold or cool throughout the year, ranging from -13.6 to 11.5 °C (8 to 53 °F). The annual precipitation of 374 millimetres (14.7 in) is heavily concentrated in the summer months, and the area is often dry and sunny, with nearly 2680 hours of bright sunshine per year.

Top Ten Attactions in Xining

There are many natural beauty and Tibetan cultural sites in Xining. Famous attractions in Xining are Qinghai Lake, Birds Island, Ta'er Monastery, Beichan Temple, Dongguan Mosque. In Xining, tourists can not only see the scenery of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, but also enjoy the delecious variety of food in Qinghai.


Ta'er-Monastery Ta'er-Monastery

Qinghai-Lake Qinghai-Lake



Northern-Buddhist-Temple Northern-Buddhist-Temple

Riyue-Mountain Riyue-Mountain



National-Forest-Park National-Forest-Park

Mengda-Sky-Pond  Mengda-Sky-Pond


Xining Public Transport

Xining is capital city of Qinghai province. Transportation is convenient here. There are many airlines from and to Xining from most of the cities in mainland China. You can also travel to Xining by trains, buses. In the city, there are many ways to get around, such as buses, taxi, motor bike and so on.


Xining Public Transport By Air

Xining Public Transport By Trains

Xining Public Transport By Bus

Xining Public Transport By Taxi

Xining Public Transport By Bike

Xining Public Transport By Motorbike



Top Ten Hotels in Xining

Xining is the capital city of Qinghai Province. It is also the economical, political and cultural center of Qinghai province. There are many luxry hotels in Xining. Here are some of the hotels we recommended. Please contact us if you want to book the hotels.



Home-Inn Home-Inn

Yinlong-Hotel Yinlong-Hotel









Famous Food in Xining

As the capital of Qinghai Province, Xining almost boasts all varieties of local flavors. Xining's cuisine is distinct from other varieties of Chinese cities using mainly food products native to the area. Only in Xining can you sample the tasty local flavors and snacks. Food here is substantial, but happily quite inexpensive.



Xining Food Niangpi

Xining Food  Zasui-Tang

Xining Food Muslim-Yoghurt

Xining Food  Terrine

Xining Food Mutton

Xining Food   Sweet-Wine

Xining Food   Brewed-Sheet

Xining Food   Stewed-Lamb

Xining Food   Ginseng-Fruit


Top Ten Restaurants in Xining

There are many local restaurants on the both street of Xining. You can easily find a local restaurants providing the traditional Xining food. Here are some best selected restaurants.


Xining restaurants Muslim Da Ximen Restaurant

Xining Restaurant Zhongfayuan Restaurant

 Xining Restaurant  Xiao Yuanmen Restaurant

 Xining Restaurant  Western Food Restaurants

Xining Restaurant KFC

Xining Restaurant Little Circle Gate

Xining Restaurant Gao Lao Zhuang

Xining Restaurant Ginger Duck

Xining Restaurant Lasa Flavor Snack Shop

Xining Restaurant Little Circle Building



Things to Do in Xining

After a busy day of sightseeing, you might want to relax a bit in the evening. Don't worry! Here, quite a number of leisure and entertainment venues are waiting for you. Despite being an inland city, Xining will satisfy you with its rich nightlife ranging from cinemas and cafes to clubs and pubs.

Things to Do in Xining Guotai Club

  Things to Do in Xining Disco and KTV

Xining pubs and bars Furonghua Recreation Center

Xining nightlife MIX slow-dancing bar

Xining bars Qinghai Theater

Xining bars Xining Cinema

Xining bars Lanshan Coffee House

Xining bars Mingshi Coffee Language

Xining bars U.B.C. Coffee

Xining bars Space Music Hall




Xining Shopping

Shopping in Xining will add a unique experience to your trip. Although Qinghai Province is located in the far northwest of China, the shopping malls, wholesale markets and retail shops in Xining offer both ordinary goods and unique local specialties of Qinghai and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Xining is the supply depot for visitors who are headed to the other destinations of Qinghai Province and Tibet, making it a great place to shop whether you plan to spend your time Xining or venture on to more remote areas.

Xining shopping Dongchong-Xiacao

Xining shoppingYak-Beef-Jerky

Xining shoppingHandicrafts

Xining shoppingfabric


Xining shopping knife

Xining shopping embroidery

Xining shopping butter

Xining shopping sculpture

Xining shopping Barley-Wine

Xining shopping Painted-Eggshell




Xining Travel Tips

1.Xining is the capital city of Qinghai province.

2.The best time to visit Xining is Summer.

3.The altitude of Xining is about 2,200 meters.