General Introduction to Nanning

Nanning CityNanning is the capital city of Guangxi province. Nanning is located in the south of Guangxi province. It is the most developed and modernized city in the province. Nanning is also the political, economical and cultural center of Guangxi province. Nanning is regarded as a green city for its prosperous green trees on both sides of the street. The recent years of development made Nanning a modern and clean city. Many ethnic groups live in the city including Zhuang People, Yao people, Miao people and other ethnic groups. Cantoneese is spoken widely in the city.

There are many attractions near and around Nanning city. Famous attractions are including rand De Tian Waterfall, beautiful Mt. Qingxiu and Mt. Daming, quiet Yangmei Ancient Town, mysterious Huashan Mural. There are also many gardens and parks in the city.



Nanning Weather and Climate

Nanning has a subtropical climate. There is not great differences during the all year round. The winter is short and warm. Summer is hot and long. The Spring and Autumn are so short that you don't know when is autumn and when is spring. Nanning’s average annual temperature is 22.5 °C (72.5 °F).

Top Ten Attactions in Nanning

Nanning has many natural beauty that cost you few money for the entrence fee. Just spend one or two dollar, you can go into the park or garden. Famous sightseeing spots in Nanning are rand De Tian Waterfall, beautiful Mt. Qingxiu and Mt. Daming, quiet Yangmei Ancient Town. They are near or in the city. You can easily take a taxi to go to the spots.


Detian Scenic Spot Detian Scenic Spot

Guangxi Ethnic Relics Centers Guangxi Ethnic Relics Centers

 Mt. QingxiuMt. Qingxiu

Nanhu Lake ParkNanhu Lake Park

 Guangxi Museum Guangxi Museum

Jiahecheng Hot Spring Valley  Jiahecheng Hot Spring Valley

 Yangmei Ancient Town Yangmei Ancient Town

  Liangfengjiang National Forest Park Liangfengjiang National Forest Park

 Da Wang Tan Reservoir Scenic Area Xuanwu Lake

Yiling Yan Rock CaveYiling Yan Rock Cave


Nanning Public Transport

Nanning has a convenient transportation. You can travel to Nanning by trains, flights and buses. In the city, you can also travel around the city by taxi, motor bike, buses and bicycle. There are many electric bikes in the city in recent year. The recent development makes the city more and more popular in business, especially trade with the south and eastern Asian countries.


Nanning Public Transport By Air

Nanning Public Transport By Trains

Nanning Public Transport By Bus

Nanning Public Transport By Taxi

Nanning Public Transport By Bike

Nanning Public Transport By Motorbike



Top Ten Hotels in Nanning

Nanning is the capital city of Guangxi province. After the recent years of development, Nanning has become a very modern and newly city. High buildings can be seen everywhere. You can easily find a hotel in the city. Here are some of them.


Best Western Nanning Red Forest Hotel  Best Western Nanning Red Forest Hotel

Nanning Guijing Hotel Nanning Guijing Hotel

Nanning Hotel Nanning Hotel

Guangxi Wharton International Hotel Guangxi Wharton International Hotel

 Jinjiang Inn  Jinjiang Inn

  Jin Hua HotelJin Hua Hotel

Champselysees Hotel Champselysees Hotel

Sanzan Hotel Sanzan Hotel

  7 Days Inn7 Days Inn

Green Tree Inn Green Tree Inn


Famous Food in Nanning

Food of Nanning is different from the north of Guangxi, which use more pepper in the receipe. Nanning cuisine shares many similarities with that of Cantonese cuisine. It is particular about the freshness, tenderness and the nourishment of the dishes. Most tourists are much fonder of the special snacks, which are also popular among the locals. Hereunder is the introduction of some of the special Nanning snacks for your convenience.


 Nanning foodLao You Fen

 Nanning Food  Ba Zhen Fen

Nanning Food  Roasted Duck

Nanning Food Suan Ye

Nanning Food  Baiqie Chicken

Nanning Food Hot Pot

Nanning Food   Kou Rou

Nanning Food   Steam Fish


Top Ten Restaurants in Nanning

There are many local restaurants on the both street of Nanning. You can easily find a hot pot restaurants providing the traditional Nanning food. Here are some best selected restaurants.


Nanning restaurants Xiao Du Lai Cafeteria

Nanning Restaurant Xi Yuan Restaurant

 Nanning Restaurant  Ming Yuan Restaurant (Lv Liu Ju)

 Nanning Restaurant  Nanhu Fish Restaurant

Nanning Restaurant Lv Yin Ge

Nanning Restaurant Louis XIII

Nanning Restaurant KFC

Nanning Restaurant Dining Streets



Things to Do in Nanning

Nanning is a bright city with colorful nightlife. You can go the Nanhu for a walk or just go to the cinema to see a movie. KTV house are the major entertainment activites for the local people. The weekend may be a little crowded because the young people will go there to sing and dance. Pub and bars are available for the night.

Things to Do in Nanning House Night Club

  Things to Do in NanningNanhu Square

Nanning pubs and bars CITI Bar

Nanning nightlifeU.B.C. Coffee

Nanning barsMing Tien Coffee Language

Nanning barsCity Center square

Nanning barsChaoyang Square

Nanning barsGuangxi University

Nanning barsWal-Mart Supermarket




Nanning Shopping

Nanning has various local products ranging from fruits to handicrafts to traditional medicines. Lychee, banana, pineapple and mango are the most productive fruits, thus quite cheap. Yangmei Ancient Town on the outskirts of the city has three treasures that are popular with tourists: preserved salted vegetable, fermented bean and ground rice cake. Bulbus-fritilariae Lemon Plum is another traditional local snack.

Nanning shopping sugar-can

What to buy in Nanningnecklace

Nanning shoppingsilk

Nanning shopping clothes

Nanning shopping porcelaneLeaf


Nanning shopping zhuang-clothes




Nanjing Travel Tips

1. Summer of Nanning is very hot. Don't go there in Summer.

2.The best time to visit Nanning is Spring and Winter.

3.Cantoneese is spoken widely in Nanning. Most of them can understand Mandarin.

4. Zhuang people are the major ethnic group in Guangxi and Nanning.