General Introduction to Kunming

Kunming CityKunming is the capital city of Yunnan province, which is located in the southwest of China. Kunming has a long history of more than 2400 years. It is also the political, economical and cultural center of Yunnan province. Kunming is also the gate way to the southwest of China which bordering India and Myanmar. In recent years, Kunming has been developed into a tourism destinations in China.



There are much to see in Kunming city. Famous attractions in Kunming are Dianchi Lake, Stone Forest , the Village of Ethnic Culture, Grand View Pavilion. In the city, you will find many hsitorical sites and many beautiful highland karst landscape. The famous Stone forest is known to most of the Chinese people who are interest in tourism.



Kunming Weather and Climate

Kunming has a mild climate and weather. It is called Spring city in China. The temperature here is not too high in summper and not too low in winter. So you can plan your trip to Kunming at any time you want. The average temperature in summer is 24 °C and 15.4 °C in Winter. With its perpetual spring-like weather which provides the ideal climate for plants and flowers, Kunming is known as the "City of Eternal Spring". The city is covered with blossoms and lush vegetation all the year round.

Top Ten Attactions in Kunming

Kunming is rich in natural landscape especially the Karst landscape. Famous attractions are including Dianchi Lake, Stone Forest , the Village of Ethnic Culture, Grand View Pavilion. Here are a list of the most famous and popular sightseeing spots in Kunming and around.


Yunnan Stone ForestYunnan Stone Forest

Kunming AttractionsDianchi Lake

Golden TempleGolden Temple

Western HillsWestern Hills

Bamei VillageBamei Village

Black Dragon Pool  Black Dragon Pool

Daguan ParkDaguan Park

Flowers and Birds Market Flowers and Birds Market

Qiongzhu Temple Qiongzhu Temple

Yuantong TempleYuantong Temple


Kunming Public Transport

Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan province. You can travel to Kunming by air, trains, long distance buses. Kunming Wujiaba International Airport lies in the southeastern outskirts of Kunming City, only about four kilometers (about 2.5 miles) away from the downtown area.


Kunming Public Transport By Air

Kunming Public Transport By Trains

Kunming Public Transport By Bus

Kunming Public Transport By Taxi

Kunming Public Transport By Bike

Kunming Public Transport By Motorbike



Top Ten Hotels in Kunming

Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan Province. It is the political and cultural center of Yunnan. You can easily find a nice hotel or restaurants in Kunming city. Here are the hotels recommended by Trip advisor:


Grand Park Hotel, Kunming  Grand Park Hotel Kunming

Kunming JinJiang Hotel Kunming JinJiang Hotel

Home Inn kunming Home Inn kunming

Fairyland Hotel kunmingFairyland Hotel kunming

Horizon Hotel YunnanHorizon Hotel Yunnan

Empark Grand Hotel KunmingEmpark Grand Hotel Kunming

Green Land Hotel Kunming Green Land Hotel Kunming

Bank Hotel Kunming Bank Hotel Kunming

Kai Wah Plaza International Hotel KunmingKai Wah Plaza International Hotel Kunming

Green Lake HotelGreen Lake Hotel


Famous Food in Kunming

In Kunming, picturesque natural scenery enhances delicious local foods. Kunming dishes are representative of Dian (Yunnan Province) cuisine, which combines cooking styles of other cities and nationalities outside Kunming in Yunnan Province. With its high humidity and mild temperatures Kunming provides abundant fruits and vegetables all year for local cuisine. In addition, there are numerous snack options in high streets and back lanes. Here are some best selected food:


Steaming-Pot Chicken Steaming-Pot Chicken

Braised Jizong Braised Jizong

Kunming Bittern Duck Kunming Bittern Duck

Modern CakeModern Cake

Xuanwei Ham Moon cake Xuanwei Ham Moon cake


Top Ten Restaurants in Kunming

The famous food streets of Kunming are Shuncheng Food Street, Baoshan Food Street and Beidamen Food Street where travelers can enjoy various kinds of snacks with strong Kunming flavor.


The Greenery CafeThe Greenery Cafe

Happy Steak Happy Steak

Fruit VendorsFruit Vendors

Kunming RestaurantsWhite Pagoda Dai Restaurant

Kunming RestaurantsYummy Fried Goat Cheese


Kunming Restaurants Delicious Delicacy

Kunming RestaurantsYiliang Stewed Duck

Kunming Restaurants Paris Cafe

Kunming Restaurants Coffeeshop at the Bird and Flower Market

Kunming Eating Small-pot Rice Noodles



Things to Do in Kunming

As well as offering a wide variety of places to visit during the day, Kunming has a vibrant night life. As darkness falls a whole new range of interests await you. For those people resident in Kunming who is enthusiastic about nightlife, Kundu night market will be the most familiar to them. It is a place that concentrates on dinning, tourism, shopping as well as culture. Here you can find Teahouse, coffee house, Internet bar, local snacks and so on, aiming at different kinds of people. Its location is right beside the Yunnan University. See the below carefully chosen activities:

Kunming pubs Hump Pub

Kunming pubs and barsFace to Face Coffee House

Kunming pubs and bars New Kunming Cinema

Kunming nightlife Xijie Bar

Kunming barsYihuchun Tea House

Kunming barsKunming Art Theatre

Kunming barsNew World Food and Entertainment Palace

Kunming barsSpring City Theatre

Kunming barsYunnan Opera Theatre

Kunming barsDynamic Yunnan




Kunming Shopping Places

Kunming offers many local products. The interaction of different cultures, religions and colorful lifestyles offers visitors so much to see and buy! It is an ideal place to find local products and souvenirs of your trip to Yunnan! Kunming is famous for local handiwork including ivory and woodcarving, Dai Jin (brocade made by Dai artisans), and Dai Zhu Bian (Dai bamboo basketry).

Kunming shoppingGanba Mushroom

What to buy in KunmingGlass painting

Kunming shoppingJewels and jades

Kunming shoppingSpotted bronze craftwork

Kunming shoppingWoodcarving craftwork


Kunming shopping Yunnan Tobacco




Kunming Travel Tips

1.The zip code of Kunming is 650000 and the area code is 0871.

2.You can use your credit card, traveler's check or cash to exchange for Chinese Yuan in almost every branch of Bank of China in Kunming.

3. While public phones are easily found in small shops along streets in Kunming, we suggest tourists make low-cost IDD or DDD calls in post offices or telecom buildings.

4. If you ask native Chinese where to find an Internet bar, they will tell you to find a university first because most Internet bars are located near colleges or schools. There are many Internet bars near Yunnan University with good speed and environment charging 2 to 3 yuan per hour.