General Introduction to Hefei

Hefei CityLocated in the central of Anhui, Hefei is the capital of Anhui Province. Hefei is also one of the tourist cities in central China. Like other historical cities in China, Hefei has a long history of 2,000 years. Tourists can visit many famous scenic spots in Anhui province. The famous Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain) is located in Anhui province. Famous attractions in Hefei are including Chaohu Lake and Hui Garden. Famous historical and cultural site is Memorial Temple of Lord Bao.

Hefei is a beautiful city with good surroundings - the Huaihe River flows to its north, to its south is Yangtze River, and to its south- east lies the Chaohu Lake with its expansive blue waters. It exemplifies the good climate to be found in the area having a mild climate with clearly defined seasons and moderate rainfall. The average annual temperature is 15.7C (60.26F). As is known, every city in China has a city tree and a city flower and, in the case of Hefei, the Yulan tree is its city tree and the sweet-scented osmanthus, pomegranate flower is its city flower. 



Hefei Weather and Climate

Hefei's annual average temperature is about 15.7 °C (60 °F). Its annual precipitation is about 1,000 mm (39 in). It snows irregularly in the winter. In the months of June, July, August, and often September, daily temperatures can reach highs of 37 °C (99 °F) with high humidity levels being the norm. May and June see the air quality level in Hefei diminish. The city is blanketed by a sweet-smelling smog caused by the smoke generated as farmers outside the city burn their fields in preparation for planting the next crop. Chaohu Lake, a lake 15 km (9 mi) southeast of the city, is one of the largest fresh water lakes in China. However, the lake has unfortunately been polluted with nitrogen and phosphorus in recent decades.

Top Ten Attactions in Hefei

Hefei is a scientific and educational city and boasts of many talents both past and present, such as the famous upright officer Lord Bao in Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) along with the Nobel Prize for Physics winner, Yang Zhenning, whose hometown is Hefei. The University of Science and Technology of China, and the Hefei Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are both located in Hefei. There is no doubt that talented people in Hefei are foremost in China.


Hefei AttractionsChao Lake

Hefei AttractionsMemorial Temple of Lord Bao

Hefei Top AttractionsBaohe River Park

Hefei sightseeingHuancheng Park

Hefei AttractionsHui Park

Hefei scenic spots Mingjiao Temple

Hefei what to see Mountain Shu

What to do in Hefei Qingfeng Pavilion

What to see in Hefei Xiaoyao Jin Park

Hefei Attractions The former residence of Li Hongzhang


Hefei Public Transport

Hefei has been the provincial capital since 1949 (before it was Anqing) and is a natural center of transportation, being situated to the north of Lake Chao and standing on a low saddle crossing the northeastern extension of the Dabie Mountains, which form the divide between the Huai and Yangtze rivers. From Hefei there is easy water transport via the lake to the Yangtze River opposite Wuhu.


Hefei Public Transport By Air

Hefei Public Transport By Trains

Hefei Public Transport By Bus

Hefei Public Transport By Car

Hefei Public Transport By Bike

Hefei Public Transport By Motorbike

Top Ten Hotels in Hefei

In Hefei you can easily find a nice hotel in and around the downtown areas. Hefei the capital of Anhui province, Hefei attracts thousands of tourists from home and abroad. Accommodations in Hefei is reknown for its unque sea sightseeing. Here are the hotels recommendation:


Hefei HotelsSwan Lake Hotel

Hefei HotelsGrand Hotel Overseas Traders Club

Hotels in HefeiHoward Johnson Tech Center Plaza

Top Hotels in Hefei7 Days Inn (Hefei Changjiang Middle

Hefei discount hotels7 Days Inn (Hefei Sanxiaokou)

Hefei top hotelsHongrui Jinling Hotel

Top hotels in HefeiWalla Hotel

Hotels in HefeiSofitel Grand Park Hefei

Discount Hotels in HefeiHappy Guest House (Shengli Square)

Recommended Hotels in HefeiHilton Hefei


Famous Food in Hefei

Anhui Cuisine is one of the famous 'Eight Cuisines' of China and in the capital, Hefei, the authentic flavors can be tasted. Due to Hefei's geographic advantage, it has assembled many of the surrounding areas' flavors but still maintains the flavor of ancient Luzhou Cuisine. Visitors to Hefei can still taste the four special dishes - Luzhou Roast Duck, Lord Bao Fish, Caocao Chicken, and Li Hongzhang Hodgepodge Cuisine...meals that even Medifast reviews would urge you to go ahead and indulge in while in Hefei.


Hefei FoodLuzhou Roast Duck

Hefei famous foodLord Bao Fish

Hefei food Caocao Chicken

Hefei famous foodLi Hongzhang Hodgepodge Cuisine

Hefei famous foodHonggao (baked cake)

Hefei famous foodMabing (sesame cake)

Hefei famous food Baiqie (white sesame slices)

Hefei famous food Cunjin (sesame cookie)


Top Ten Restaurants in Hefei

For those who have been to Beijing they have never forgotten the good taste of Beijing Roast Duck. Now when you come to Hefei, the Luzhou Roast Duck must be the first recommended cuisine by the local tour guide. Luzhou Roast Duck originally was served to the royal court as the imperial dish. Until the period of Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) this cuisine could be found being cooked by local families. You will be attracted by the Duck's golden yellow shininess, crisp skin and tender meat. Compared to Beijing Roast Duck, it has moderate fat and salt, rich taste, and plentiful nutrients. Find the famous Luzhou Roast Duck Shop at No.107, Suzhou Road, and No. 1072 East Changjiang Road.


Hefei Restaurants Hui Cuisine Restaurant

Restaurants in Hefei Huangshan Hui Cuisine Restaurant

Hefei RestaurantsSmall Hui Cuisine Restaurant

Hefei Restaurants Nanyue Seafood Restaurant

Hefei RestaurantsJinyuan Seafood Restaurant


Hefei Restaurants Pizza Hut

Hefei Restaurants KFC Huitong Shop

Hefei Restaurants Black Land Restaurant

Hefei RestaurantsDongpo Restaurant

Hefei EatingShuwang Shoufu Tower Restaurant



Hefei Nightlife and Top Ten Pubs and Bars

As a capital city of Anhui province, Hefei is rich in entertainments and cultural activity. Tourists can easily find a bars or a pubs or just a tea house to relax and enjoy the unique culture of the city. Here is a list of them:

Hefei pubs Tea Houses

Hefei pubs and bars Hefei Guyu Tea House

Hefei pubs and bars YY Face Bar

Hefei nightlife U.B.C. Cafes

Hefei barsHefei Kangni Cafes

Hefei bars New York Western-style Food & Coffee House

Hefei barsGuangming Movie Theater

Hefei bars Candle Bar

Hefei bars Fengdan White Dew Coffee Bar

Hefei barsHuachong Theatre




Hefei Shopping Items

You may expect that the following special artistic souvenirs arouse your curiosity: Poker-picture is a rare and precious handicraft in Hefei. It was an art which originated at the end of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and has a history of over 300 years. Using the craft of traditional Chinese painting the poker-picture is burnt by a stencil pen at high temperature. The pictures, when completed, show scenery which covers both distant and close views and also have different shades of colors. It is a special art in China.

Hefei shoppingBamboo Carving

What to buy in HefeiHair Embroidery

Hefei shopping Feather Fan

Hefei shoppingIron Word Handwriting

Hefei shoppingWestern Snake Lantern


Hefei shoppingChaohu whitebait




Hefei Travel Tips

1.Get to Shanghai Railway Station to take bullet trains to hefei, 3.5 hours. Hefei is 7 hours away from Yiwu by train. There are only two trains every day. Yiuw Jiangdong Bus Station have espress buses to Wenzhou, which can take you there in 3 hours or so. Hope this helps.

2. Take train or bus to Yiwu from Shanghai and back to Shanghai to catch buttle train at Shanghai Railway Station to Hefei 3.5 hours later. Hefei Nanmen Bus Station has express buses to Huangshan, 3 hours to Huangshan through Hetonghuang Expressway. Make sure you take the right express bus. Other buses (not via Hetonghuang Expressway) will takes 5 hours. Huangshan has direct bus back to SHanghai. Hope it makes sense.

3. The train ticket must be needed urgently, especially only one day before leaving. So, if possible, it is suggested that you fly to Shenzhen directly. Easily to book a ticket and save lots of time.

4. Well, it should be very difficult to buy a hard-sleeper ticket just one day in advance, and you couldn't buy it in Huangshan. You know, there is only one train from Hefei to Harbin, so it is suggested that you fly to Harbin from Hefei. It is very easy to book an air ticket online in advance.