General Introduction to Harbin

Harbin CityAs Heilongjian's provincial capital city, Harbin locats is the biggest city in nothest China. It is also the political and cultural, educational center of Heilongjing proince. Harbin city is not only rich in its cultural heritages, but also favored with its beautiful natural scenery. Famous historical attractions including St. Sofia Orthodox Church and Zhongyang Dajie which were built in the European style. For its unique location, Harbin boasts for its ice and snow culture.

Harbin is originally a Manchu word meaning "a place for drying fishing nets". Harbin bears the nicknames "The Pearl on the swan's neck" because the shape of Heilongjiang resembles a swan, and "Ice City" for its long and cold winter. This city is most famous for its beautiful display of ice sculptures in winter and is known as China’s gateway to trade with Russia. In the 1920s, Harbin was considered China's fashion capital as new designs from Paris and Moscow reached there first before arriving in Shanghai.[1] Harbin is also a potential candidate for the 2022 Winter Olympics.



Harbin Weather and Climate

Under the Koppen climate classification, Harbin features a humid continental climate with hot, humid summers and very cold winters. Harbin's nickname of the "Ice City" is well-earned. Its winters are dry and brutally cold, with the average monthly high in January only reaching -13°C (9°F). Harbin's winters are colder than other humid continental climate cities with notoriously cold winters such as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Montreal. However unlike these cities, Harbin sees little in the way of precipitation during the winter. Harbin's summer is warm, with an average monthly high temperature in July of 28°C (82°F). July is also Harbin's wettest month with an average of roughly 160 mm (6.3 in) of precipitation falling during that month.

Top Ten Attactions in Harbin

Harbin is reknown for its snow and ice. Tourists coming to Harbin to enjoy the winter sports and multicolIce Lantern Festivalored ice lanterns, vivid ice and snow carvings. Ror its unque location, Harbin is the famous location for many ice or snow festival in China. Harbin is also a potential candidate for the 2022 Winter Olympics.


Harbin Attractions Central Street

Harbin AttractionsHarbin Ice and Snow World

Harbin Top AttractionsHarbin Ice and Snow Festival

Harbin sightseeingSun Island Scenic Resort

Harbin AttractionsIce Lantern Garden Party

Harbin scenic spots Siberian Tiger Park

Harbin what to see St. Sophia Church

What to do in Harbin Yabuli International Ski Resort

What to see in Harbin Zhongyang Street

Harbin Attractions Harbin Pole Aquarium


Harbin Public Transport

Harbin Taiping International Airport serves Harbin and is an important transportation hub for northeastern China. It is the largest northernmost airport of China and its terminal building (along with Shenyang-Taoxian Airport) is currently one of the largest in northeastern China. The technical level of flight district is 4E, which allows all kinds of large and medium civil aircraft. There are flights to over thirty cities including Beijing, Tianjing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Dalian, Xi'an and Hong Kong. In addition there are also scheduled flights between Harbin and cities of some countries, including USA, Russia, Korea, Japan, and Singapore.


Harbin Public Transport By Air

Harbin Public Transport By Trains

Harbin Public Transport By Bus

Harbin Public Transport By Car

Harbin Public Transport By Subway

Harbin Public Transport By Bike

Harbin Public Transport By Motorbike

Harbin Public Transport By Boats

Top Ten Hotels in Harbin

Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang province. It is the economical and cultural center of Heilongjiang province. Tourists can easily find a suitable hotels in Harbin downtown area and around. Here is a list of recommended hotels in Harbin City.


Harbin Hotels7 Days Inn (Harbin Tongda Street)

Hotels in HarbinHarbin Shihua Hotel

Top Hotels in HarbinAsia Gloria Plaza Harbin

Harbin discount hotels7 Days Inn (Harbin Chengde Square)

Harbin top hotelsGreen Tree Inn (Harbin Tielu Street)

Top hotels in HarbinHome Inn (Harbin Sophia Church)

Hotels in HarbinXilong Hotel (Ha'erbin Jingwei)

Discount Hotels in HarbinHome Inn (Harbin Zhongyang Street)

Recommended Hotels in HarbinHome Inn (Harbin Haicheng Street)


Famous Food in Harbin

The colonial influence in Harbin is evident in much of the city's cuisine and eating here is a very different experience from dining elsewhere in China or indeed in the province. For starters, the exterior of the restaurants is pretty unique. Lanterns hang outside each restaurant, each denoting different characteristics about the food and facilities available. Red lanterns denote a typical Chinese place and blue lanterns indicate that the restaurant serves Muslim food (no pork). What's more, the greater the number of lanterns hanging outside, the higher the standard of cooking and accordingly, the larger the size of your bill!

Harbin FoodRussian cuisine

Harbin famous food Braised Chicken with Fresh Mushrooms

Harbin food Braised Pork with Vermicelli

Harbin famous foodSongren Xiaodu (pinenuts tripe)

Harbin famous foodBig Bread

Harbin famous foodDumpling

Harbin famous food Da Lie Ba

Harbin famous food Lao Ding Feng Cake

Harbin top foodThe Red Intestines

Harbin famous foodSu He Li


Top Ten Restaurants in Harbin

Restaurants in Harbin not only provide local special foods, but offer western food. The most popular restaurants include :Dongfang Jiaozi Wang (King of Eastern Dumplings), Huamei Western Restaurant, Futai Restaurant, Beilaishun Restaurant, Jiangnanchun Restaurant, Xigema Restaurant and so on. Most famous restaurants center on two streets: Central Street, Yellow River Road.


Harbin Restaurants Chaoshi Street

Restaurants in Harbin Huamei Western Restaurant

Harbin RestaurantsDongfang Jiaozi Wang

Harbin Restaurants San Dao Street

Harbin RestaurantsHamamas Kofi Haus


Harbin Restaurants Dongfang Jiaozi Wang

Harbin Restaurants Da Feng Shop

Harbin RestaurantsBellagio Cafe

Harbin RestaurantsHetang Mianguan

Harbin Eating Russia Cafe



Harbin Nightlife and Top Ten Pubs and Bars

As a capital city of Heilongjiang province, Harbin is rich in entertainments and cultural activity. Tourists can easily find a bars or a pubs or just a tea house to relax and enjoy the unique culture of the city. Here is a list of them:

Harbin pubs Harbin Beer Bar

Harbin pubs and bars Red Lion Pub

Harbin pubs and bars Yangge

Harbin nightlife Night Lights

Harbin barsZhongYang Street Master Morgan

Harbin bars Blue's

Harbin bars Ice bar

Harbin barsXiangfang Park Night market

Harbin bars Harbin Grand Theater

Harbin barsGay people




Harbin Shopping Items

Panax, pilose antler and marten are regarded as the 'Three Treasures' of Northeast China by the Chinese. Panax (also more commonly know in the West as ginseng) and pilose antler of a young stag are the basis of rare Chinese traditional medicine and health care products, whereas the fur of the marten is used for clothing; these can all be bought in Harbin at very reasonable prices. A commodity that is not only a nourishing food but also a rare herbal medicine is the hedgehog fungus; another popular product of Harbin. For those who enjoy fish as part of their diet, Harbin has an excellent supply of locally caught, salmon, sturgeon, mandarin fish, bream and crucian carp. You will find all these goods quite easily in Harbin's supermarkets and department stores.

Harbin shoppingBlack Currant Wine

What to buy in HarbinCandy Stuffed with Wine

Harbin shopping Harbin Red Sausage

Harbin shoppingLie Ba

Harbin shoppingRussian Nested Doll


Harbin shoppingSugar Candy Hulu




Harbin Travel Tips

1. If you come here in winter, please keep you as warm as possible in case of the cold weather. This city is also called Ice City. However, if you come here in summer, the cool air will let you feel so comfortable.iam enjoying this winter adnan chattha.

2. Well, you could purchase a face mask from these booths or supermarket easily in Beijing. What kind of pad? Electronic? Anyway, you could find eveything you need in Beijing since the weather is also cold there.

3. Wear and thin knitting wool gloves (with 5 fingers) and a warm thick glove or leather gloves outside. Take off the leather gloves while taking photos.

4. Please take her warmest clothes, at least down jacket, woolen sweater and hat&scarf. Of course, her daily food. Please take it easy that it is safe for her to Harbin.