What's the best time to visit Guilin?

visit GuilinGuilin is located in north of Guangxi and South of China. It has a warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter. The summer and winter is much longer than the other two seasons. Spring is always from March to May. Summer is from June to September and Autumn is from October to November. Winter is from December to April. There are too much rains in spring and summer. So the best time to visit Guilin is from October to November. If you are traveling to Guilin in spring or summer, just take a umbrella with you to void the heavy rain. Winter is windy in Guilin.


What to pack for traveling to Guilin

Guilin is famous for its natural landscape and beautiful mountains and waters. So just wear some good quality shoes when you are outting in Guilin. Riding a bicycle is a good way to explore the beauty of Guilin. The landscape of Guilin's countryside is the best and the Li river attraction is the must see in Guilin. Don't forget to take some medicine to avoid the mosquitoes or other insects. Summer is hot and remember to take your hat or umbrella to vaoid the hot sun.

What to see in Guilin

Guilin is one of the top travel destinations in China. Tourists are attracted by the natural landscape of Guilin. Green mountains, clean water and fresh air are the features of Guilin. Guilin is also famous for its ethnic culture. You can explore the ethnic culture in Longsheng and Longji Terraced Field. There you can also see the best sights of terraced field. It's a good destination for photographers.


What to know before travel to Guilin

Guilin travelGuilin is a small city. So the transportation is not as good as some other big cities. There are thousands of eletric bikes on the road in rush hours. So it will be crowded during the rush hour. The best way to travel in Guilin is by bus. There are no underground in Guilin. Taxi fee is from 7 RMB. Bus ticket is one or two yuan. The most popular food in Guilin is the rice noodles. Most local people eat rice noodle as their breakfast.