General Introduction to Chongqing

Chongqing CityChongqing is one of the largest and most popular city of China located in the central of China. It is one of the four municipalities of China. The population of Chongqing is 31,442,300. Chongqing has a humid subtropical climate, with the two-season monsoonal variations typical of South Asia. Famous attractions in Chongqing are including Dazu Grottoes, Panda Room in Chongqing Zoo, Ciqikou Old Town. Chongqing is famous for its hot pot which is very spicy. There are many ethnic groups in Chongqing inculding ujia, Miao, Hui, Man, and Yi.

The People's Liberation Monument, located in the center of Chongqing city, attracts many visitors. It was the highest building in the area but currently is surrounded and dwarfed by numerous shopping centres. Actually this monument tower was originally named as "Monument for the victory over Axis armies" and it is the only building in whole China area for that purpose. Even today, the monument serves as the symbol for the city.


Chongqing Weather Forecast

As one of the "Three Furnaces" , Chongqing's summers are among the hottest in China. The temperature can be as high as 47°C, with an average high of 37°C in August. Yet even in the hottest weather the wind is often cold, making such high temperatures more bearable. Winters are fairly mild, but damp and overcast; average January highs are 9°C. Chongqing has one of the lowest sunshine totals annually in China.

Top Ten Attactions in Chongqing

As the provisional Capital of China for almost ten years (1937 to 1945), it was also known as one of the three headquarters of the Allies. Chongqing has many historical World War II buildings or sites(unfortunately some of them were destroyed): The People's Liberation Monument, located in the center of Chongqing city, attracts many visitors. It was the highest building in the area but currently is surrounded and dwarfed by numerous shopping centres. Actually this monument tower was originally named as "Monument for the victory over Axis armies" and it is the only building in whole China area for that purpose. Even today, the monument serves as the symbol for the city.

CiQi KouCi Qi Kou

Dazu Rock CarvingDazu Rock Carvings

General Joseph W. Stilwell MuseumgGeneral Joseph W. Stilwell Museum

Yangtze River CruiseYangtze River Cruise

Three Gorges MuseumThree Gorges Museum

Northern Hot Springs Park Northern Hot Springs Park

People's Assembly HalPeople's Assembly Hall

Southern Hot Spring Park Southern Hot Spring Park

Wulong KarstWulong Karst

Hutongs in BeijingFurong Cave


Chongqing Public Transport

Chongqing is the biggest inland river port in western China. Historically, most of its transportation, especially to eastern China, is via the Yangtze River. Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, located in Yubei district, north of Chongqing, provides links to most parts of China and to other countries. In year 2007, a total of 10,355,730 person-time transporting volume was reported, which ranks this airport as the 10th largest one in China and the third largest one in southwest China.

Hefei Public Transport By Air

Hefei Public Transport By Trains

Hefei Public Transport By Bus

Hefei Public Transport By Car

Hefei Public Transport By Bike

Hefei Public Transport By Motorbike


Top Ten Chongqing Hotels Lists

There are hundreds of hotels in Chongqing ranging from luxury five star hotels to the common hotels. You can search lots of hotels by the internet. Here China travel discovery only recommend only top ten hotels in Beijing. You can choose one of them. This hotel list is also the reference of tripadvisor.

Xiyue City Hotel Xiyue City Hotel

Hilton ChongqingHilton Chongqing

Le Meridien Chongqing Wanda Le Meridien Chongqing Wanda

JW Marriott Hotel ChongqingJW Marriott Hotel Chongqing

Sofitel Forebase ChongqingSofitel Forebase Chongqing

InterContinental ChongqingInterContinental Chongqing

Xinhuang Hotel Xinhuang Hotel

Da Li Tang Hotel Da Li Tang Hotel

Yangtze Island Yangtze Island

Holiday Inn North ChongqingHoliday Inn North Chongqing


Chongqing Food

Chongqing's diet take the Sichuan cuisine as the focus. The most negative victory on the factor is hot pot of Chongqing, it is said that eating hot pot cause by cold climate of the winter and the refreshed straightforward disposition of Chongqing person. May see the hot pot market from today street corner row after row hot pot shop the prosperity. The Chongqing hot pot mainly divides into Red soup and the consomm¨¦ two kinds, Red soup take hot fresh is fragrant as the focus, but the consomme take the color clear tasty as the characteristic.

Chongqing FoodMandarin duck hot pot

Hefei famous foodBaiShiyi board duck

Hefei foodsausage in Dazu

Hefei famous foodShuangjiang piece bear duck

Hefei famous food Clear cooks the oxtail soup

Hefei famous foodThe chicken juice pot-sticker

Hefei famous foodRoast the double crisp on fire

Hefei famous foodStir-fries the eel silk

Hefei famous foodIn camphor tree tea duck

Hefei famous foodThe five spices smoked fis

Top Ten Chongqing restaurants Lists

The western food in Chongqing is not as popular as the local food; therefore, it is a tough thing for you to find a decent western restaurant on the street. If your stomach is crying out for western food and your budget is available, you can go Portico's in Harbour Plaza which serves an international buffet at breakfast, lunch and dinner and a lavish brunch buffet on Sundays. The dinner buffet on Saturday is especially great value. Don't forget to book a table in advance to ensure a panoramic window seat.

Hefei Restaurants E Zhang Men

Restaurants in Hefei Sha Nan Restaurant

Hefei RestaurantsLiu Yi Shou

Hefei RestaurantsJie Fang Bei Restaurant

Hefei RestaurantsGuan Yin Yan Restaurant


Hefei RestaurantsSha Ping Ba Restaurant

Hefei Restaurants Jiang Bei Restaurant

Hefei Restaurants Nan Ping Restaurant

Hefei RestaurantsShangcheng Xiao Tangyuan

Hefei EatingManhattan Steakhouse



Chongqing Nightlife

Chongqing's vibrant night life is no different from that of China's other thriving metropolises, boasting bars, movie theatres and dance clubs which bring the city alive in the evening hours. Tired of the usual tourist activities? Try one of the recommendations given below to get a taste of Chongqing's nighttime offerings. Whether for dinner or for a late-night snack, hot pot is a must if you want to experience some local flavors. A booming business all-year-round, hot pot is a thriving local tradition in Chongqing. Come nightfall, hot pot restaurants and numerous sidewalk stands open for business. Adorned with strand after strand of colorful lights, hot pot businesses come in all different shapes and sizes. You will find that some are small, intimate shops, while others consist of only a few tables with umbrella covering for an alfresco dining experience. You can find these hot pot spots easily on many lanes and streets. On average, a hot pot dinner should cost no more than CNY20 per person.


Chongqing Shopping

Although Chongqing Municipality is not as modern as Beijing or Shanghai, it still provides a superior shopping environ-ment for locals and tourists alike. Rich in natural resources, Chongqing produces a great variety of local and special products including valuable tradi-tional Chinese medicinal herbs and famous fruit, such as pears, navel oranges, pomeloes, and persimmons. Chongqing is noted for fine quality teas as well--among the most widely known are Chongqing Tuo Tea, Yinping Silver Needle Tea and Xinong Fur Tip Tea. Folk culture and traditional Chinese art compliment the modern offerings of Chongqing. Since the Southern Song Dynasty, Shu embroideries have been cited as one of the most famous embroideries in China and Chongqing's elaborate folding paper fans have been exported to foreign countries since the Qing Dynasty. The many various kinds of bamboo articles, brocade of Tujia minority and ink slabs from the Three Gorges also reflect the flavor of the local culture.


Chongqing Travel Tips

1. Dec will be cold in Chongqing, when the temperature is about 5~8C. You should wear warm clothes, such as down jacket and woolen sweater. On the other hand, be carefule of the H1N1, which will spread widely while the weather is becoming cold.

2. Chongqing is a very nice place to visit, though many people would dislike the weather there. Three years studying in the law school make me love its beauty. I am leaving Shenzhen for Chongqing. Attorney Lucian Lu is back!

3. it will be a little cool during your vacation.And I suggust you to take an umbrellor with you.Becuase Chongqing's weather is changeable for surounding by many mountains and rivers.In addition,the climate is the driest in winter.If you are on business ,be careful to get up early,for the traffic is rather jam.

4. Chongqing is called the mountainous city.But all the mountains around the city are not too high.It's average level is about 300m. So you will find that this is a beautiful city with mountains and rivers. And the tempreture seems to go lower from today.It may be less than 10degrees when you come, and colder in the Three Gorges.So bring more coats. In fact ,I am a Chongqing girl,and being a tour guide here. Therefore,please let me know when you need any help here,OK? Wish you a happy tour advance.