General Introduction to Changsha

Changchun City GuideChangsha is the capital city of Hunan Province in south-center of China. Situated in the lower reaches of Xiang River, Changsha has a population of 6,017,600(2003) and area of 11,819 sq. kilometers. Because Changsha has more than 3,000 years of history, Changsha is rich in historical relics and cultural scenic spots. The famous Yuelu Academy has a history of more than 1,000 years. Famous historical relics are including Mawangdui Han Tombs, Yuelu Academy, Hunan Provincial Museum. Besides the historical sites, there are also many scenic spots in and around Changsha.

In recent years, Changsha has become an important creative center for TV and entertainment arts, with its many TV stations producing some of the most popular programs in China, including Super Girl, a Chinese female version of the UK Pop Idol or American Idol that is the most watched program ever to air on Chinese TV. These programs have also brought a new entertainment industry, including singing bars, dance clubs, theater shows, as well as related businesses like hair salons, fashion stores, and hot spicy snacks at night(esp. in the summer time).


Changsha Weather Forecast

Changsha is located at 111°53'–114°5' east longitude and 27°51'–28°40' north latitude, situated in the east central Hunan. Its terrain is high in the west and low in the east. There are many mountainous areas in the west and in the north. The Xiangjiang River flows south to northwest; 296 m high Mt. Yuelushan is in the west; and Liuyanghe River (Liuyang River) and Laodaohe River (Laodao River) east.

Top Ten Attactions in Changsha

Forbidden City BeijingMount Yuelu

Tiananmen Square BeijingHunan Provincail Museum

Temple of Heaven BeijingMawangdui Han Tombs

Badaling Great Wall BeijingTianxin Pavilion

Badaling Great Wall BeijingChangsha Ocean World


Changsha Public Transport

Public Transport: The city's public transportation system consists of an extensive bus network with over a hundred lines as well as taxis. Roads: National Highways 107 and 319, as well as Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Express Way connect the Changsha metro area nationally. There are three main bus terminals in Changsha: South Station, East Station and West Station, dispatching long- and short-haul trips to cities within and outside Hunan Province.

Top Ten Changsha Hotels Lists

Forbidden City BeijingDolton Hotel Changsha

Tiananmen Square BeijingHuatian Hotel

Tiananmen Square BeijingHaicheng Hotel


Tiananmen Square BeijingSheraton Changsha Hotel

Tiananmen Square BeijingHunan Fowin Hotel

Tiananmen Square BeijingFurun Sanxiang Hotel

Tiananmen Square Beijing7 Days Inn

Tiananmen Square BeijingHanting Express

Tiananmen Square BeijingToday Inns

Tiananmen Square BeijingGreen Tree Inn


Largest city and capital of Hunan Province, Changsha has been inhabited for 3000 years. It was already an established town by the Warring States period and grew in prosperity due to its location on the Xiang river and the surrounding, fertile plain. Home to museums, displaying mummies and exhibits regarding the formative years of communism, it also contains the school at which Chairman Mao studied and taught, making it a major Maoist pilgrimage site.

Changsha Food

Hunan cuisine is one of the national eight main dishes, with heavy oil and thick color. The main taste is prominent, especially it is good at tartness¡¢peppery¡¢fragrant¡¢fresh¡¢Dried salted food, thus many names of the dishes disappear like wind.


Top Ten Changsha restaurants Lists

Changsha Restaurants Caigenxiang Restaurant

Tiananmen Square BeijingHongtian Restaurant

Tiananmen Square Beijing Huaguo Restaurant


Tiananmen Square Beijing Huaxing Restaurant

Tiananmen Square Beijing Huogongdian


Tiananmen Square Beijing Jiayuan Restaurant

Tiananmen Square Beijing Paper

Tiananmen Square Beijing Red Pepper Restaurant

Tiananmen Square Beijing Xu Changxing Roasted Duck

Tiananmen Square Beijing Zuojiatang Branch, Deyuan rank 0


There are hundreds of western restaurants and Chinese restaurants in Chansha providing the most traditional Chinese food and western food including Italian, French, Brazial and Russian food. Here is a list of the restaurants foreign tourists usually have a dinner.


Changsha Nightlife

Changsha is rich in cultural activity and folk custom. The people of Changsha are renowned for their performing arts and they have created various traditional folk performances of their own, including Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, Drum Opera, Clam Dance, Xiang Opera (i.e. Hunan Opera), acrobatics and other dramatic presentations. At Spring Festival, these folk performances appear in the streets and lanes. Where the performers reach is where the atmosphere is the most alive.


Changsha Shopping

Changsha has a long history in its commercial culture. The local craftwork and specialty products are famous home and abroad. The most famous products may be the Xiang Embroidery which is regarded as the best embroidery in China. It can be going along with the embroidery coming from Suzhou and Sichuan. Besides the Embroidery, you can buy the Xiang Tea, porcelain and pottery, Chrysanthemum stones, fans, firecrackers, lacquer reproductions, smoky quartz, bloodstone carvings, duck-down clothing and bamboo carvings. Nowadays, you can buy many Hunan specialty products from tourists store in all over China.


Changsha Travel Tips

Changsha is a city with more than 3,000 years of history. There is much to see in Changsha with its rich cultural relics and historical sites. Changsha is also famous for its special food and snacks. Changsha people boast to be the best gourmand of China and here people spend a lot of time eating. Xiang Cuisine is one of the Eight Cuisines in China and has a fine and delicate appearance and a hot & sour taste and the heavy and hot taste is an equal competitor to the spicy food of Sichuan. Street dining and restaurants in the city make every visitor's mouth hot. No matter the featured snacks - 'Stinky Tofu' and 'Sisters'Rice Balls' in Huogongdian (Fire Palace) or the famous spicy shrimps at Nanmenkou, the many types of delicious local food will not disappoint any guests.