Beijing 4 Days Tour Itinerary


Tour Package Summary: Beijing is a must see city for most first time travelers to China. Famous attractions in Beijing are including Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Hutong, Bdaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs and so on. Four days is enough for visiting these spots. Here are the list of itineraries of 4 days Beijing tour.


Summer Palace Day One: Upon your arrival in Beijing, our tour guide will meet you at the airport customs after you claimed your luggage and clear the customs. You will see our tour guide picking you up by your names in a banner. The tour guide will speak fluent English and communicate with you. The guide will lead you to get on the bus or car we arranged for you. After 40 minutes drive, you get to your hotel in Beijing downtown. The hotel will be selected by us. You can have a rest and arrange your time for free today. Tour will begin the next day.



Day Two:In the morning, our tour guide will go to your hotel to meet you and begin today's interesting tour. The fist place will be Tiananmen Square, which is the largest public square in the world. It is also the symble of Beijing. After walking sometime on the square, you are led to Forbidden City, which is the largest and best-preserved imperial palace built 600 years ago. It wil take you about one hour to visit the Forbidden City. After that, it's time for lunch. Our guide will lead you to a famous local restaurants to have lunch. In the afternoon, you are droven to go to Temple of Heaven. It will take you about one hour to go there. It was a place for Chinese emperors worshiped the heaven and prayed for harvest for the country. After visiting the Temple of Heaven, you will finish today's walking tour. After having dinner, you can watch Chinse Kung Fu Show at Red theater. Just let your eyes enjoying the big show.


Summer Palace Day Three:Today you will visit Mutianyu Great Wall. It is one of the most beautiful sections of Great Wall. It will take you about one and half hour to visit all the section. Please make sure to wear good quality shoes. After walking all the section, you are arranged to have your lunch in a nearby restaurant. In the afternoon, it's time to visit Ming Tombs. It's a place for the 13 emperors's tomb here. If you don't like to visiting tombs, just let us know. We will arrange another places for visiting. On your way home to your hotel, our guide will lead you to have a look at the China's National Stadium which is also called Bird's Nest. It was the stadium that held the 2008 Olimpic Game in Beijing. You can take some photos there by yourself if you like.


Summer Palace Day Four: This is the last day you are in Beijing. So we arrange the most beautiful imperial garden for sightseeing. Summer Palace is the royal garden for emperors of Ming and Qing dynasty. There are many Chinese traditional and classical buidlings in the garden. It will take you about one hour for visiting the whole place. After that, you are going to flight home from Beijing. Our driver will take you to the Capital Airport and make a farewell for you. So see you next time in China. Best wishes to you and your family!


No. of Tourists 2-5 travelers 6-9 travelers 10+ travelers
Price : $580/person $500/person $480/person


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