Chinese Name

About Chinese Name

Chinese nameThere are also two parts of Chinese names. The first part is the family name which can not be chaned. The other part is the given name. Most Chinese people use three Characters as their name. Some of them use only two Chinese Character as their name. Family name is going first when writing one's name. For example, Lee Daming, Chinese (李大明), Lee is the family name and Daming is given name. In China, the most popular and numourous family name is Lee, 李。 Then followed by Wang(王), Zhang(张), Liu(刘), Chen(陈), Yang(杨), Zhao(赵), Huang(黄), Zhou(周) and Wu(吴) which are the top ten family names in China.

There are more than 23,000 family names in China. But the popular ones are only more than 300. The number of family names are ranked by the following: 李,王,张,刘,陈,杨,黄,赵,周,吴,徐,孙,朱,马,胡,郭,林,何,高,梁,郑,罗,宋,谢,唐,韩,曹,许,邓,萧,冯,曾,程,蔡,彭,潘,袁,于,董,余,苏,叶,吕,魏,蒋,田,杜,丁,沈,姜,范,江,傅,钟,卢,汪,戴,崔,任,陆,廖,姚,方,金,邱,夏,谭,韦,贾,邹,石,熊,孟,秦,阎,薛,侯,雷,白,龙,段,郝,孔,邵,史,毛,常,万,顾,赖,武,康,贺,严,尹,钱,施,牛,洪,龚。

In most Chinese family, names are given by parents or grandparents. When given a name, people will check many tools, such as internet, dictionary, books or consult name advisors. A name has its meaning which will represent the hope or expectation of their parents or family. Some names, such as 张国栋,张国梁, are meaning that the people will do some contribution to the country or society.