Top 5 Useful China Travel Tips

What do you need to know before making a trip to China? Here I will give you some five useful travel advices about traveling to China.

#1: learning some simple and basic Chinese

Don't expect most Chinese can understand English enven though China is a country make English as their school subject. Most people can't speak English with foreigners. If you have learn some basic Chinese, such as asking way, booking hotel, take a bus, order your food, they will help you a lot. Chinese people are very friendly and eager to help foreign visitors. So if you don't know where to go or what to eat in a new place, what you do is just asking.

#2: download a VPN services app in your country before you head to China

If you were in China before, then you will know that China's internet is very strict. And you can't use Google, twitter, youtube or facebook in China, not including Hong Kong. So if you want to connect with your family or love ones in your country, then do the VPN services before you go.

#3: Learning how to use chosticks

You don't have to take your fork and knife if you have learned to use the chopsticks.In most restaurants of China, you can use the chopstics to eat the food. And it's also a good way to make a good impression if you can use sthe chopsticks when having a dinner with your Chinese friends.

#4: Download a Wechat App in your phone

The most popular instant message app is Wechat in China. And you can pay in almost every restaurants or hotels by wechat. It sounds like Chinese people don't use cash these days. But you have to take a little cash with you for some special occations.

#5: Download a Navigaion app in China

There are more than 500 cities in China. And there are many super big cities that you don't see in your country. So you will easily get lost if you don't ask the local people. So make sure you have a navigation in your phone which can help.

China Travel Tips: Guidebook

There’s so much to see and do in China that a guidebook can be invaluable. A guidebook can provide a map of the strip and downtown, a good way to know at a glance where your favorite hotels are. It can tell you what shows are playing in town so you can plan your evenings and even tell you all the best places to eat your favorite cuisine. Of course, if you’re like many travelers to China, at some point in the night you’ll find yourself going “off book,” but having a good place to start can make things that much more fun.

China Travel Tips: Daytime Attractions

China is famous for its nightlife, which makes some people forget that there are things to do during the day too. If you find Great Wall of China too common and overly exploited, at least there are a lot of options in store. If you are interested in knowing more about ancient China, you can visit places in Beijing like The Forbidden City (an imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty ), Temple of Heaven (Literally known as Altar of Heaven ) and be amazed on the perfectly sculpted Terracotta Army of Qing Shihuang.

China Travel Tips: Budget Tips

Like U.S, China has it's own sin city – Macau. Gamblers in Macau do not drink cocktails, they drink tea instead because they treat the game of baccarat and blackjack a serious business so it really is a challenge trying not to blow-up your budget. Being entitled as the world's biggest gambling den, people might really be tempted to try their luck on known casino floors in the city, so might as well play rather than risk losing tons of hard earned cash over a bet. Try to make sure you don’t spend all your money before you get there by finding great travel deals online. You can find the lowest prices on hotels at the right discount travel site, and if you go for a package deal, you can bundle a flight, hotel stay and rental car for a much lower price than you would pay for any of these individually.