Trains from Beijing to Guilin

Beijing to Guilin trains

Beijing to Guilin trainsTrains are very popular in China. Most of Chinese people travel by trains. There are thousands of routes running from south of China to the north and from the east to the west. It is very convenient to buy a train ticket in the train station which is often set in the city center or not far from the city center.

The trains ticket is affordable for most of Chinese. The ticket price launging from RMB30 to RMB1000 which depending on the distence of your destinations. When you want to buy a ticket to the destination you want to go, you have to stand in a line to wait sometime. Because there are many people buying the tickets. If you are lucky enough, you will quickly buy the ticket in some minitues. If you are buying trains ticket in during Chinese holiday, you have to spend more time even half day to waiting. So you'd better to avoid the high season of Chinese holiday, such as Spring Festival. It will be very difficult to buy one ticket to the big cities during that time. Thousands of Chineses are going home during the time to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

In order to book your trains ticket, you have to book for about one week in advance.

Beijing to Guilin trains Schedule


Departure Time Trains Number Arriving time Hard seat/sleep Soft seat /sleep
09:51 K292/k289 05:08 $30/$45 $50/$75
10:54 K378/K375 05:38 $30/$45 $50/$75
11:05 K359/K362 05:58 $30/$45 $50/$75
11:19 K698/K695 09:20 $30/$45 $50/$75
17:00 Z94/Z91 06:53 $30/$45 $50/$75
17:24 K559/K558 15:46 $30/$45 $50/$75
19:50 T140/T136 12:12 $30/$45 $50/$75
21:02 T166/T163 11:53 $30/$45 $50/$75
21:09 T118/T115 12:53 $30/$45 $50/$75


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