China Tour Packages

China has becoming one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. More and more tourists are attracted by it's great culture and landscape. For people who planning a tour to China, they may not know where to visit and where to go first. Here are some of the best recommended China tour pacakges for the first time visitors. China is so big and you won't have enough time to travel to every city of the country. So spending about 7-10 days in China is the best duration for your trip here in China. The top five destinations in China are Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin and Hong Kong. These five places are the top travel cities in China. If you have more time, you can visit Guangzhou, Kunming, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou and Suzhou. But anyway, just choose the following tours that suits you the best. You can also tailor made your tours in China with the travel agency. We recommend the best repuation travel agencies in China here.

Best China tours

Top China tours Destinations

Beijing Tours

As the capital of China, Beijing is the top city that tourists want to visit. Famous attractions in Beijing are Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Hutongs, Tiananmen Square and so on.

No.1: 8 days Beijing-Xian-Shanghai tours, from $1400

No.2: 5 days Beijing Best Tours, from $750

No.3: 4 Days Beijing Hutong Tours, from $400

No.4: 3 Days Beijing Sightseeing Tours, from $300

Shanghai Tours

Shanghai is an international city that attracts millions of tourists to visit every year. It's also one of the biggest cities in China. The Bund, Yuyuan Garden are the top attractions.

No.1: 11 days Beijing-Xian-Shanghai-Guili tours, from $1400

No.2: 5 days Shanghai Best Tours, from $750

No.3: 4 Days Shanghai Group Tours, from $400

No.4: 3 Days Shanghai Sightseeing Tours, from $300

Xian Tours

Xian is an ancient city in history of China. Now it's becoming a well known tourists city in China. Visit the Terra-cotta Warriors in this old and cultural city to enjoy the great culture of China.

No.1: 3 days Xian History tours, from $400

No.2: 2 days Ancient City Tours, from $250

No.3: 4 Days Xian Temple Tours, from $500

No.4: 3 Days Xian City Wall Tours, from $300

Guilin Tours

There is a saying in China said that the landscape of Guilin is the best under the heaven. True or not, Guilin is famous for its beautiful landscape and clean airs. Visit this clean city now.

No.1: 5 days Guilin and Yangshuo tours, from $600

No.2: 3 days Guilin City Tours, from $400

No.3: 4 Days Guilin Longsheng Tours, from $400

No.4: 2 Days Guilin Li River Tours, from $300

Hong Kong Tours

Hong Kong is famous city in Asia and the world. Its muti-culture attracted many asian tourists and western tourists. It's also a heaven for international food lover.

No.1: 3 days Hong Kong Island tours, from $500

No.2: 3 days Hong Kong Food Tours, from $600

No.3: 3 Days Hong Kong Disneyland Tours, from $400

No.4: 4 Days Hong Kong Sightseeing Tours, from $500

Guangzhou Tours

Guangzhou is also a big city in southern China. It's famous for its cantonese cuisine and business culture. The International Canton Fair is held in this city.

No.1: 5 days Guangzhou Culture tours, from $800

No.2: 4 days Guangzhou City Tours, from $750

No.3: 4 Days Guangzhou Food Tours, from $400

No.4: 3 Days Guangzhou Sightseeing Tours, from $300

Chengdu Tours

Will you want to see the Giant Panda by your own eyes? Then you should visit Chengdu. Beside the hometown of Giant Panda, Chengdu is also a historical and cultural city in South Western China.

No.1: 5 days Chengdu Panda Base tours, from $600

No.2: 6 days Chengdu Jiuzhaigou Tours, from $1300

No.3: 4 Days Chengdu Cultural Tours, from $400

No.4: 3 Days Chengdu Sightseeing Tours, from $300

Hangzhou tours

Hangzhou is said as the heaven of the earth. The beautiful West Lake is not only the simble of this cultural city, but also a best known tourists spots in China.

No.1: 5 days Hangzhou and Shanghai tours, from $800

No.2: 4 days Hangzhou Best Tours, from $550

No.3: 4 Days Hangzhou Watertown Tours, from $400

No.4: 3 Days Hangzhou Sightseeing Tours, from $300

Suzhou Tours

Suzhou is called the Oriental Venice in China. It is famous for its watertowns and relaxing culture. Most famous attractions are the traditioonal gardens of China. Enjoy the traditional Chinese life here

No.1: 4 days Suzhou Watertown tours, from $500

No.2: 5 days Shanghai Suzhou Tours, from $750

No.3: 4 Days Suzhou culture Tours, from $400

No.4: 3 Days Suzhou Sightseeing Tours, from $300

Sanya Tours

If you are looking for a sunny beach in China, then Sanya is your travel destination. Sanya is the top sea shore city in Hainan Province. Come to Sanya and enjoy the beach and Sunshine.

No.1: 5 days Sanya and Haikou tours, from $800

No.2: 4 days Sanya Beach Tours, from $600

No.3: 4 Days Sanya Group Tours, from $400

No.4: 3 Days Sanya Sightseeing Tours, from $300